With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic situation, the shopping trends around the world have changed. We have become dependent on e-commerce sites to fulfill our desires to shop and receive essentials.

The year 2020 was dominated by interesting trends from the world of e-commerce.

If you are planning a venture in the e-commerce domain or already own a website that pertains to the world of online shopping, then let’s delve into the latest trends of the online shopping universe.

1) Mobiles are the new desktops

With time, more and more users are turning to their cell phones for online shopping. Mobile e-commerce sites are booming and are one of the most financially profitable businesses these days. Each retailer is now making sure that their online site or application is mobile-friendly to attract more consumers.

According to recent statistics, almost 5 billion people around the world are using the internet on their mobile phones. This means that your potential user is more likely to be on the cellphone than on a desktop. Scrolling, tapping and adding to cart is the newest way to shop. The most important step for any business right now is to have an application for your website.

2) Having a social media base

Social media has become a driving force of businesses in the world. No e-commerce site owner can ignore its significance. A social media profile provides your site with publicity and a way to connect with customers from the remotest parts of the world.

This is why businesses are now building relationships with their customers, either through smart advertising or giveaways through influencers. All growing businesses must find new ways of connecting with their existing customers.

3) Adding more ways to pay

Last-minute shopping? We’re all used to net banking like personal financial services in Hoquiam, WA; credit cards; and cash on delivery as our favored modes of payment on online shopping sites. However, over the past few years, more and more digital wallet platforms are taking over the internet.

This is an easy and hassle-free way to attract customers. Businesses need to catch up with these options by making sure that their ecommerce website development is relevant to the current times. You may be aware of the digital wallet platform provided by Google? It has over a hundred million users. Meanwhile, Apple Pay has more than 200 million users.

With the rise of cryptocurrency values over the past few years, more and more customers are looking to use digital currency like Bitcoin to make purchases. Give these customers the options they want and you can open up your eCommerce business to even more people.

4) Invest in video content and newer technology

One annoying feature of e-commerce that most customers struggle is with understanding the look and feel of the final product. Earlier, if you had a fashion retail website, you could have a model’s video in the respective clothes on display.

Now, with the inclusion of Augmented Reality, brands like Asos, Gucci, and Ikea have utilized this feature for demos, walk-ins, and visualizing items on their website. It has truly been revolutionary for brands to garner a loyal virtual fanbase. It assists the customer to have a much better idea of the final result of their purchase.

5) Work on SEO of the website

The most important trend to follow when it comes to e-commerce websites is eCommerce SEO. Don’t stuff a site with unnecessary keywords and links. If you’re in Greenville, use your location to your advantage to connect with customers nearby, Keywords like Greenville SEO will be helpful in achieving a potential customer base. Keep it simple as that is more effective. If you are working with a marketing partner or an SEO agency, make sure that you get their opinion for the same.

6) Make way for voice search

The newest trends suggest a rise in the voice search feature. One must ensure that the online shopping applications have adapted to this feature. Many studies have also suggested better conversions in the case of voice search.


It is every business’s responsibility to monitor the performance of their website to observe what works for the customers. Many things change with time in the e-commerce world and every business chooses the technology that they are comfortable with, provided they are aware of it. It’s imperative to focus on your products and to ensure that you find your customers.

Always remember that branding is equally important for the growth of an e-commerce website. Which one of these trends has been a major influence on your business? Let us know.