Art and design is one of the most popular areas of study now. However, studying at a creative faculty requires a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there is now student help services where you can order an essay or any other academic paper. We in this article have collected the best schools of art and design in the world.

1. European Institute of Design

This university trains specialists in many disciplines, including interior design and public space design, and is intended not only for beginners but also for professionals. The course focuses on project development.


It depends on the city, the duration of the course, specialization and varies from 4,000 to 17,000 euros.


Italian, Spanish or English. Great choice: for example, the same course on interior design in Milan is taught in English, and in Rome – in Italian.

Where to Live?

At the time of training, housing must be rented independently, but in some cities, there are programs to help students find affordable apartments for rent.

2. Design Academy in Eindhoven


This university is famous for its deep approach to study: each course is supervised by a famous practicing designer. This Academy prepares masters in the specialties: contextual design, social design, and information design.


A deposit of 500 euros before the interview, the total cost of 13,000 euros per year of study + about 100 euros as a one-time fee for the entire course.

3. Bergen National Academy of Arts


The Bergen National Academy of Arts was opened in 1772 on the model of the Copenhagen Academy and today it remains one of the two specialized universities in Norway, preparing masters in the specialties: interior design, furniture design, interior architecture.

Cost of Education

Great news – studying is free. The cost of living varies between 10,000 euros per year.


Academy gives scholarships for three students from Central and Eastern Europe who are selected by the commission. No additional documents are required to receive a scholarship.

4. École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

Paris, France

This university largely focuses on applied disciplines. Among the courses of graphic design and multimedia, printing techniques, industrial design, and textiles, there is also interior design.


Mandatory French at TCF certificate level.


From 600 to 1200 euros per year.

5. St. Martins College of Art and Design

London, Great Britain

It covers almost all possible specialties and is considered one of the largest in Europe specializing in art and design. For admission, it is not necessary to go to London, entrance documents can be submitted at a representative office in your country.


From 13,000 pounds per year, depending on the course.

Where to Live?

The college has 11 dormitories in different parts of London. For non-residents in Europe, the college guarantees a hostel in the first year of study, of course, provided that the application is submitted on time.

6. Parsons School of Design

The mecca of American designers, Parsons School, is located in the heart of the fashion capital of America, in Manhattan.

Education at Parsons is built around integrated learning. Students of various specialties regularly meet at seminars and workshops to work together on creative projects. This approach allows you to maximize bring your studies at the university to the future professional activities of students.

The school maintains partnerships with the largest representatives of the fashion industry. Parsons students have the opportunity to do summer internships at the LVMH group of companies (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton) or volunteer at New York Fashion Week.

7. Kingston University

One of the most prestigious universities in Britain, Kingston University is famous for its large-scale research activities. The Institute collaborates with major art centers in Europe and Asia: the National Gallery of China, Kyoto Art Center, RAF Museum, British Film Institute, Henry Moore Institute, LABoral Art Center, Tate Art Gallery, Sandlers Wells Theater, South London Gallery.

Of course, university students are not only engaged in scientific work. University affiliate programs allow students to practice the laws of fashion business in companies such as Inditex and Banana Republic.

Graduates of the institute get jobs in the largest European and American clothing companies: Burberry, Armani, Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Lacoste, H&M and Topshop.

To Wrap up

Studying design abroad is an opportunity to study at world art schools with eminent masters, practice at the most famous fashion companies and get one of the most sought-after professions in the modern labor market. Specialist in landscape design and interior design, fashion designer, master of graphic, industrial and product design – the list of professions that can be obtained in foreign schools is very wide and fully reflects the needs of employers. We hope you find a suitable option for you on our list.