The wave of the future is here for interior design. It’s called sustainable interior design. Sustainable interior design is when you use green or eco-friendly interior design that focuses on reducing the impact that furniture purchases have on the environment.

Americans spend 90% of their time inside their homes. We often have things in our house that have pollutants or are unhealthy for us. In fact, homes in 2020 receive up to five times the amount of pollutants than we get when we’re outside.

By receiving five times the amount of pollutants, then if we are in an outside environment is very disconcerting news. Designers are now coming up with ways to incorporate a sustainable interior design into making homes both stylish and eco-friendly.

Read on to discover the latest sustainable interior design tips that can help your home be stylish while improving your air quality.

Sustainable Interior Design

Every gallon of paint you buy or rug you purchase has an impact on the indoor air quality you have in your home. Sustainable interior design is buying environmentally friendly interior design items so you can set a positive precedent in helping to lead the way. By buying eco-friendly, you’re helping the Earth to rejuvenate.

You’re helping the Earth to rejuvenate, all while providing you and your family the healthiest home environment possible. Sustainable interior design is defined by creating a more productive and healthier place to live or work in. There is a way to create the unique interior design you’ve always wanted while benefiting people, places, and the world around you.

Natural light, using natural materials, ventilating spaces, and creating restorative spaces in your home, represents the best of sustainable interior design. Finding a way to strengthen your connection with nature in a way that also benefits the interior design of a home space can give you inspiring ideas. These inspiring ideas can result in innovative interior designs and styles.

There are some tremendous sustainable interior design tips you can use when you want to become part of the environment’s solution in one small corner of the world.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

There are tips to becoming an innovator in creating eco-friendly interior designs you can see here. Some other tips also provide what you want while letting the world know who you are and what’s important to you.

#1 – Natural Light is Everything

Spaces in our homes are defined by natural light. If you’re laying out a home’s sustainable interior design, you often begin to focus on your window space. Pay attention to small things like caulking windows, so you reduce air leakage.

Strip windows of heavy blinds or curtains and let the sunshine in. Windows and doors set the home’s mood and overall ambiance. When you help the outside come into your home, you feel you are one with nature.

#2 – Eco-Materials Set Up Your Green Interior Design Home’s Accents

When you use the planet’s natural eco-materials as your home’s natural accents, you’re not only supporting the planet, but you’re also repurposing something that speaks to your visitors. By repurposing recycled bricks into a path leading to your front door or creating a kitchen nook brick segway, you’ve added character and charm. Salvaged wood for coffee tables tells a story.

Driftwood and shells that are repurposed as eco-materials accents in your home take you away to where nature created them. It’s not just about catching the eye of anyone visiting your home. It’s about feeling the eco-material artifact and finding out what it’s offering you.

#3 – Plants Filter Chemicals and Offer Sustainable Design Example of Bringing Natural Beauty to Your Home

There’s a reason sustainable interior designers use plants in decorating the style and design in homes. It’s because plants offer homes a lot of everything. Plants filter out chemicals in the air because they provide oxygen.

Plants offer natural beauty and a bit of raw beauty in every space they’re in. There are so many plants that don’t take a green thumb to have in your home yet offer all the sustainable interior design benefits. Most people have never met a plant that didn’t give them a sense of comfort and peace of mind by their color or scent.

#4 – Buy Eco-Friendly Materials for your Interior Design Needs

Eco-friendly design products and materials can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Green materials are an industry that’s projected to have an $80 billion market in the next five years. That’s because eco-friendly interior design has a plethora of designs, materials, and options.

You can use everything from bio-glass for any of your backsplash needs. You can use cork flooring that now has a veneer finish for your alternative materials. Ecofriendly materials maintain the entire look of sustainable interior design home.

Your unique designs can stand out from other eco-friendly homes with the quality of your pieces and through the way you use innovative and refurbished materials.

#5 – Organic Furniture Brings Sustainable Interior Design Full Circle

Every home can buy organic from their rugs to their furniture pieces. When your sustainable interior designs integrate organic cotton, silks, and wools, you upgrade the quality of everything. Your upgraded furniture now brings a healthy environment into your home and life.

Every rug you buy or carpeting you install can be organic. By using organic products for your home when you decide to re-decorate or refurbish areas in your home, you pick real over chemical. Making your rug or carpet biodegradable helps you and the earth’s future.

The earth around you isn’t left with materials that can’t biodegrade. You become part of the solution. That not only makes your interior design sustainable, but it also ensures you’re giving back to the environment with styled pieces.

Global Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior design is here to stay. It doesn’t matter if you’re an investor, homeowner, or property industry expert. When you want to lead the way in sustainable interior design, all you have to do is begin. Beautifully unique, sustainable interior designs are waiting for you to reclaim style, so it benefits the world.