IT specialists are obliged to certify their competency due to the ever-evolving technology. CompTIA is one of the globally recognized institutions which helps candidates validate their skills in various technology sectors. It provides exams for hardware and networking vendor-neutral certifications. Today, we are going to dwell on the networking badge which specialists can earn under the CompTIA program – the Network + credential.

What Is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

This credential offers mid-level skills and knowledge for networking specialists. It proves that a specialist can manage, deploy, and implement networking concepts in an enterprise system. To earn this badge, a candidate must pass Click Here N10-007 exam which evaluates the competency of a candidate in network support, troubleshooting, installations, maintenance, and understanding scope of diversified network technologies aspects which include TCP/IP and OSI models. It also weighs your network components’ knowledge in association with network cabling and security as well as the OSI model.

Test N10-007 confirms that a specialist can perform the following duties:

  • Establishment and implementation of the functional networks;
  • Configuration and maintenance of computer devices;
  • Identifying and troubleshooting the various network problems;
  • Creating virtualized networks;
  • Implementation of network security and devices;
  • Getting and identifying the network configurations.

Providing a mid-level knowledge on the qualities of running a network, the CompTIA Network+ credential ensures that the technicians are highly certified to secure a job in the networking field. Additionally, the Network+ related assessment is renewed every three years for optimal knowledge of networking design and maintenance.

When it comes to the details of Visit N10-007, this exam is designed to contain 90 questions that require you to have a pass mark of 720 points out of the possible 900. These questions will majorly deal with the implementation and configuration of a network. The candidates will also be tested on their capabilities to troubleshooting a network problem and come up with the most appropriate solutions. It’s worth mentioning that some of the network problems are not vital and require knowledge of the previous CompTIA certification which is the A+.

How to Easily Pass CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam?

If you’ve been pondering this question already, we’ve prepared some effective test prep tips for you:

  • Have an exam goal

To excel and be successful in your N10-007, you need to set an objective. The CompTIA website offers the exam objectives online and you can easily set the aim within a short time. Your goal is very important because it gives you motivation during the entire preparation process. Most probably, your goal will be to attain the passing score and get this lucrative certification. With such an ambition, you will get energized to go the extra mile in your prep link here .

  • Be conversant with the key topics

This is the fundamental aspect you must always put into consideration while preparing for a certification assessment. Having a profound understanding of the key topics is a surefire way of optimizing your score in the main test. During your preparation, ensure that you have a solid understanding of all the exam topics. Without a concrete understanding of the networking, tackling N10-007 can be a hard nut to crack because you do not have the skills to determine the appropriate option.

  • Stay focused

As much as you are aware that you are going to attend the exam, seriousness and focus are the core values required. Get into the test with focus and be ready to take the exam till the end. There is nothing worse than taking your assessment without focus because you will not commit to your goal. You can maintain your focus by clearly highlighting the keywords which help in determining the appropriate answer.

  • Observe time

As you now know Download Here has a total of 90 questions. And you are supposed to use a maximum of 90 minutes to cover these tasks. To be time conscious, you need to tackle each question within a minute. You, therefore, need to use one minute per one question. Thus, you will easily hit the deadline and be sure of hitting your goal. Remember that many candidates fail a certification exam because they cannot manage to do tasks properly in the given time.

  • Answer all the questions and be confident

You can first cover the questions you feel conversant with. However, you can also make sure that you have done all the assigned questions with total confidence. The moment you answer all the questions, you will have a guarantee of scoring 720 points compared to the possible 900 points. Thus, you will be able to secure a networking job with various network fields. The only trick you can use to answer all the questions is to make sure that you prepare adequately and track your speed.

  • Go through the final version of the exam

You will agree with us that you have to go through your test before submission. The mistakes made are easily corrected when you proofread your answers. Some errors are eliminated at this level, and thus this becomes the tail end that each candidate should put into consideration. This shows to start you should spare some minutes to go through all the questions before ending the assessment.

What Goes Next after CompTIA Network+ Certified?

When you finally achieved your badge, you can opt for some job roles which require this Network+ accreditation. Among these jobs, you will find a network engineer, system administrator, network technician, help desk technician if to name some. But what are the salaries that these specialists can earn yearly? According to, the average salary of the certified Exam-Labs specialist is $65k per year.

Final Word

The road to success in the networking field starts with the CompTIA Network+ certification. You need to lay a perfect strategy to help you cover all the topics which form the basis of its main exam. Get the right tools now and be ready to face your CompTIA N10-007. All the best in your journey to becoming a successful networking specialist!