If you are a designer, you most likely look forward to sharing your work on Instagram. And you should know that this is highly recommended since this social media platform uses visual cues at their best. Besides, Instagram makes room for a lot of inspiration and feedback, which can help to improve your work and discover new approaches to it. Of course, to receive such valuable insights, you need to put the basis of a reliable followers’ database. A well-designed Instagram account can enable a designer to attract the attention of new clients. And, as a result, he or she can increase revenues. But the question that remains unanswered is how to get noticed by your target audience. Well, experts say that the first and most important you need to do is to concentrate on originality and creativity. And even though this might seem challenging at first, being a designer can help you tailor the best Instagram account. Besides, you can implement the following tips on how a designer can self-promote on this powerful visual platform. Let’s see how you can expand your portfolio and customers starting today!

1. Consistency

The first thing you need to concentrate upon is consistency. You should know that users tend to follow a wide array of accounts and hashtags on Instagram, which is why it may be challenging to gain their attention. But having a consistent message for your posts can do wonders for your account. Additionally, you should take care of your followers’ base to reach a big target audience. In this case, paid services where you can easily buy followers on Instagram are the best decision to make things work very quick and highly effective. In the shortest possible time, you may get the necessary number of followers that can attract other users to your page as they will find it more interesting, trustworthy and essential. Consistency allows users to recognize your account easily no matter if they read your name or not. Besides, having qualitative visual cues can add to their experience, which in turn might encourage them to engage with your account.

The general rule says that if you share different stories and approaches with each Instagram post, users will find it difficult to discover what you’re trying to say. So, after creating your Instagram account, you should think seriously about how to construct the message for your audience.

2. Story

The second aspect you, as a designer, need to analyze for your Instagram account is your story. Mainly, your success on this platform comes from telling a truthful and interesting story. Besides being a powerful visual platform, Instagram is a storytelling place. People look forward to discovering insights about your skills and talents. Hence, designers can access a wide array of benefit by merely sharing their daily struggles, ideas, or behind the scenes videos. A professional tip is to create a compelling biography and follow that style throughout all your Instagram posts. It is helpful to think about your account as a small blog where you keep your audience informed about how you work, create, and gain your inspiration.

Mainly, designers have the most chances of attracting new audiences daily. This domain is one of the most sought on Instagram. So, a powerful story can create a lot of awareness and trustworthiness, which in turn will make potential customers inquiry more about your work.

3. Edit

And since everything on Instagram is about visuals, you should edit your photographs. Of course, being a designer gets you an advantage, as you most likely know how to express your style on this platform. Also, as mentioned above, you should be consistent with everything on this platform, including your editing approaches. Creating a nice and symmetric aesthetic appearance in your account will allow users to identify faster the content with you. Besides, it is highly recommended to share qualitative videos and photographs solely extremely. Paying attention to details can only benefit you. Select a filter and use it for all your posts. Edit your content in a particular manner and use it for everything you share on Instagram. You will be amazed by the results and engagement you get.

4. Strategize

At this point, you will have to strategize about your Instagram account as you would do for your entire business. The goal is to create a business account, share contact details, and even a website in your bio. Of course, if you want to use a personal account, you can do that, but you should still manage your posts similar to a business account. Therefore, you should think thoroughly about your account and the desired audience. Also, remember to create a posting schedule and make sure your content is consistent. Indeed, you can share an inspiration photograph from now and then, but it is more than necessary to have the same style for all your posts and Stories.

Keep in mind that if you want to join sponsorship collaboration, you should only join a brand that has similar points of view as yours. Also, it might be useful to opt for a business with the same aesthetics as yours so that your audience connects your account easily with the sponsored account.

And lastly, but not the least important, no matter what type of account you create on Instagram, you should have it set on Public. Your audience needs to access your account quickly, and the best way to offer that is by avoiding setting your account to Private.


5. Engage

Well, since this is a social media platform, it is not enough to create the best content for your audience. You can access additional benefits by engaging with your followers and answering their queries. Also, reposting or resharing interesting content from similar accounts can attract the attention of additional followers. It might be a good idea to comment on relevant posts to your niche and answer questions users might have. You can discover such content by following specific hashtags related to your designer activity, which in turn will make your account more discoverable on Instagram.

Your goal should be to share interesting and shareable content, with a lot of focus on quality. Many designers on Instagram don’t have to do a lot of work when it comes to making their audiences engage with their content. If a post is compelling and creative, your followers will share the content, tag you, and comment on your profile in no time.

The bottom line is that every designer should promote his or her activity on Instagram. It is a great place to start, especially if you’re just starting your business. Besides, you can make a lot of new friends and gain new customers by merely being friendly. Of course, showing creativity and originality is a must so that your audience receives access to valuable content.