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The SEO Tips Your Website Designer Must Know

A well-designed website is useless if it lacks built-in SEO features. Is your website not optimized for search engines? If that’s the case, it’s akin to a five-star restaurant on an unexplored tropical island. People want to get there, but they don’t know how to get there. A professional website designer will “place you on the map,” using SEO at every stage of the design process. However, not every designer has the SEO expertise required to produce a site that ranks well in search engines.


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How to boost your visibility with built-in SEO

Make sure your designer or web developer combines all of the following essential SEO aspects for a higher online presence and a more productive website:

1. Keywords and key phrases

Your keywords are self-explanatory: graphic designer, SEO websites, logo design, and so on. Why should you strive to compete with every graphic designer and web design agency on the planet?

2. Descriptive URLs for pages

Keywords should be used instead of general page descriptions. Instead of labelling a page “,” offer the search engines something to latch onto – “” tells the narrative better.

3. Title tags with keywords

The page title, which shows at the top of the browser window, provides another opportunity to identify the material on your page. You have eight to ten words explaining the page and adding search phrases that your clients will use to locate you.

4. Useful alt tags

You’ve squandered a chance if you leave the alt tag blank or merely label a picture “image 1” or “123.jpg.” Instead, use appropriate adjectives and keywords to describe visuals and pictures.

5. Meta descriptions

While it may not significantly impact search engine results, including a unique meta description for each page is still a good idea. The biggest reason is that the description often shows on the search engine results page and functions as a tiny advertisement, persuading visitors to visit your site. You will get many visitors if you use this strategy on table online games website. A unique explanation of each page also helps search engines differentiate between pages and eliminate the same information’s impression.

6. Graphics vs. text

Make sure you have a good mix of pictures and text and that your keywords show in both the prose and the image file names. Be wary of placing critical material under a visual picture where search engines cannot read it.

7. Hypertext linkages

Incoming links from other sites are essential but don’t forget to connect from page to page inside your site. Because Google focuses the most emphasis on the front page, connections from there to internal sites assist highlight other necessary material. Also, make sure that the connections between your pages are descriptive and keyword-rich. Change the unclear “click here” and “learn more” links to “view SEO website portfolio” and “learn more about email marketing.”

8. Site plan

An HTML site map is a terrific navigational tool that provides search engines and site visitors with a fast summary of the kind of material they’ll find on your site.


By including these few SEO components, you can transform your website into a great one, resulting in higher traffic and better sales outcomes.