Photographer Finds Something Incredible In Hitler’s Forgotten Bunker – Page 3 – News
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13. Swimming Pool in The Countryside


This trip was already proving more difficult than the rest. From his photo above, this bunker was located deep within the forest. Historians know that Hitler fled to a bunker in German territory in a failed attempt to salvage his failing war efforts. But historians believe that wasn’t the only bunker Hitler used. Askat noticed a crumbling concrete building that was being enveloped by undergrowth and reclaimed by nature. He knew this had to be it–but then he spotted something truly unusual. It was an enormous outdoor swimming pool. After snapping the photo He went back and researched and learned that a giant tarp once hung above the pool to camouflage the possible German officers as they swam. The empty pool was now covered in moss, but the site of such a large swimming pool led him to believe the bunker below had to be of equal scale.