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Cat’s Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out She’s Pregnant

It can be shocking to find out that you’re pregnant when you never expected it. It can be even more surprising when you’re having an entire litter of kittens! When this one cat found out that she was going to be a mama she had the funniest reaction ever.


20. Greenland

Image: PURE Life Experiences

Greenland can have incredibly harsh winter seasons and this can impact the stray animals there in the worst way. The winters can be so harsh and finding ways to survive through them is tough.

19. Snowstorms

Image: Mashable

The snowstorms that hit Greenland are especially brutal and many stray cats and dogs wind up fending for themselves. This is why having a shelter where these animals can turn to is so important.

18. Tabby Cat

Image: The Dodo

In mid-April, a young tabby cat was found on the streets of Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. The people that discovered her knew that it wouldn’t be right to leave her out on her own, so they brought her over to a shelter.

17. Local Shelter

Image: Insta Stalker

The people that discovered the tabby brought her over to a local shelter called Dyrenes Venner. The name of the shelter roughly translates to “Protector of Animals in Greenland.” Quite an appropriate name!

16. Seek Shelter

Image: Insta Stalker

Stray and lost cats have a really tough time during the winters up here,” Inunnguaq Christiansen, a board member at Dyrenes Venner, told The Dodo. “With freezing temperatures and frequent storms, they often have to seek shelter in the basements of older buildings.”

15. Friendly Cat

Image: The Dodo

The tabby that was bought into the shelter was quickly named Ulla. Ulla was incredibly friendly and shelter workers could see just how happy she was to be somewhere warm and safe.

14. Making Friends

Image: Icepop

Ulla quickly made herself at home at the shelter and began socializing with everyone. She started making friends with the rescuers, many of the other cats and dogs, and she even mingled with some of the guinea pigs.

13. Sweet Cat

Image: I Heart Pets

She’s very lovely and caring,” Christiansen said. “I brought my own dog, Yaris, to the shelter one time and Ulla immediately jumped on the cage.” It seemed that Ulla was just a super friendly cat and rescue workers never would have guessed something otherwise…

12. Motherly Nature


Since Ulla was brought to the shelter, she displayed a strong motherly and loving nature. Rescuers didn’t think any of it, until one day, they realized that Ulla had been keeping a secret from everyone. So what was it?!

11. Gaining Weight

Image: Huffington Post

Over the new few weeks, Ulla began to put on a lot of weight and quickly. However, rescuers also noticed that Ulla was mostly putting weight all in one place. That’s when rescuers started to put the pieces together.

10. Belly Area

Image: The Dodo

One of the volunteers came with the comment that Ulla was getting pretty big,” Christiansen said. “Upon closer inspection, it was only around the belly area.” So they decided to take Ulla to a vet for an ultrasound.

9. Good News

Image: The Dodo

Once Ulla had her ultrasound done, there was good news to be heard! She was pregnant and she was actually going to give birth soon. This was a huge shock for everyone, however, the biggest shock was apparent on Ulla’s face.

8. Shocked Cat

Image: The Dodo

Tone Frank, a board member at the shelter, snapped the most hysterical photo of Ulla’s reaction to finding out she’s pregnant. Her wide-eyed look was so funny that everyone at the vet’s office couldn’t contain their laughter.

7. Funny Pictures

Image: Pinterest

The pictures were so funny I decided to post them on /r/aww during my lunch break to see if a couple of people would share my amusement,” Christiansen said. “A few hours later and the post was exploding with 90,000 upvotes and over 900 comments.”

6. Sweet Messages

Image: People

I spent the entire evening trying to reply to people … We got some really sweet PMs [private messages] from people thanking us for our efforts; it really lifted the mood for the volunteers at the shelter.”

5. Finding A Home

Image: The Dodo

Her Internet popularity has also helped Ulla find herself a foster home. The shelter is hoping that the connection goes well and that the foster home soon turns into a forever home for Ulla.

4. Trial Period

Image: vluvibe

She’s been living at a foster family since Thursday on a trial period, and they really want to keep her and all of her kittens,” Christiansen added. “With any luck, it’s going to work out for them.”

3. Siblings

Image: The Dodo

In the meantime, Ulla has been hanging out with her new cat sibling, Sofus. She has also been getting prepared for the impending arrival of her new baby kittens. Everyone is excited to see the babies!

2. Doing Well

Image: Animal Channel

They’re doing quite well, and the family has patience and understanding that Ulla needs a little extra space right now,” Dyrenes Venner wrote on Facebook. In just a few days, Ulla will be giving birth to her new babies and bringing new life into the world.

1. Comfortable

Image: Animal Channel

Now Ulla will be able to give birth to her babies in the comfort of a home instead of a shelter. Ulla and her babies will have a great new start at life thanks to the kindness of the shelter and her new foster family.