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A Closer Look At This Old Washing Machine Reveals The Unexpected

Washing Machine

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Throughout our day, many of us typically see things and don’t give a second thought about it. For instance, something may not look too appealing so we walk right past it with the intention of getting away from the eye sore as quickly as possible. However, sometimes the things we try and get away from have more to tell us than we may think. That was the case for this women when she walked by this junked washing machine.


The Florist

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One day, the owner of a floral shop was tending to her garden near her home when she heard something strange coming from the corner of the lot.


She had never really paid much attention to the rusted old washing machine, and to be honest, she was very hesitant to go near it since the area had many hidden danger. However, something caught her eye that day, so she knew she had to investigate what it was.


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For years an old washing machine had stood in the corner of the garden with overgrown bushes. It turned out it wasn’t so useless as a pregnant cat had made her home there and gave birth to her kittens inside of it.

The Mayhew Animal Home

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The florist took a peek in the washing machine and found four abandoned kittens inside. Unsure what to do with them, she called the Mayhew Animal Home for help.

Kittens in Need

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The florist didn’t think that the mother cat was domesticated and probably wouldn’t react well to being caught. So, she hesitated to pick up the kittens. She wasn’t sure if the mother would return or not.

Rescuers Arrive

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The animal rescuers arrived and safely brought the kittens to their animal shelter. They also looked around the area for other kittens that may have wandered off. At the shelter, a vet examined the kittens and gave them a clean bill of health.

Finding the Mother

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Since the mother cat was feral, the rescuers set out a trap for her. It wasn’t long before she would be caught and taken to the shelter to be spayed and returned to her home in the wild.

Trap, Neuter, and Return Program

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The Trap, Neuter, and Return Program was created in 1996 to reduce the amount of feral cats. The program was safe and effective because the mother cats could return to normal life and kittens wouldn’t be left in the wild fending for themselves.

Why a Washing Machine?

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The florist was curious as to why the mother cat had chosen the washing machine to live. The rescuers proposed that feral cats usually looked for private places to give birth and keep their kittens safe.

Common Occurrence

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The shelter warns people to check their appliances outside in case any creatures are living in them before throwing them out. “It’s actually quite common for domestic cats to give birth in washing machines as it’s like a private cubby hole for them,” one animal rescuer informed.

Growing Older

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The shelter named the four kittens, Ariel, Persil, Surf, and Daz. The rescuers instantly loved the kittens and played with them constantly. Needless to say they were favorites of the staff.

Surprising Call

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The shelter received a surprising call one day after the kittens had been rescued. It turns out there was a fifth kitten from the litter still near the washing machine!

Kitty Surprise

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The rescuers were surprised that another kitten had been discovered. They looked everywhere when they picked up the four kittens just a few days ago. They rushed out to the scene to collect the fifth kitten.


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The rescue team was shocked to find out they had missed a kitten. They were looking for someone to blame, but everyone did their part when it came to searching for more kittens. They were just happy that the fifth kitten was alive.

Precious Moments

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The team rushed to the scene hoping the kitten wasn’t injured and in good health. They felt bad for taking its family away for so long and leaving the kitten stranded.

In High Spirits

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When they found the kitten it was in high spirits and didn’t seem to be injured at all. It was impressive that this little kitten was able to survive alone.


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“We were shocked when we received the call from the florists saying they had found another kitten but were so glad that she was okay,” one of the rescuers said.

Bringing Her to Safety

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The rescuers brought the kitten back to the shelter for an examination. She was in great health and excited to be back with her siblings.


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They named the fifth kitten, Fairy. She loved playing with her brothers and sisters in shelter. Soon staff had immense love for the five kittens.

Bright Future

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When the kittens were old enough, they received their vaccinations and were neutered so their kittens wouldn’t end up in a washing machine alone like they were. Now it was time to find them some forever families.

Foster Care

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The shelter handed the kittens off to foster care so a forever family could adopt them. These little kittens had an amazing second chance at life that not many animals get.

Abandoned Animals

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There are many animals that are treated poorly and abandoned. In the United States alone, 6.5 million animals are left at shelters each year.


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What is sadder than an abandoned animal? An animal that dies for no reason. 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year. While this rate has gone down in the last few years, it’s still too high.

Increased Adoption Rate

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With so many animals in shelters, adoption rates have increased over the years. Luckily, these animals are finding forever homes with kind families.

Always Choose Adoption

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There’s a fulfillment you get when you adopt an animal. You know that you are giving them a second chance and showing them that they can be loved. Don’t shop around for your pet, adopt them!