Irrespective of your company’s size, PPC campaigns can drive high traffic from the search engines and increase the conversions. However, there are certain things to keep in mind while creating an effective PPC campaign.

In this article, we talk about five tips on effectively optimizing your PPC campaigns. These tips have been given by marketing gurus like Ryan Alford and will definitely work in 2021 & beyond.

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Be Clear About Your Goals

It all starts by defining precise and measurable goals. This step is key to effectively optimizing your PPC campaign for success. Having clear goals will help you with the right keyword selection, proper location targeting, and appropriate budgeting. Make sure you spend enough time to clearly outline the goals you want to achieve with the campaign.

Some examples of goals can be:

  • Lead generation
  • More software downloads or,
  • Increasing your website’s traffic

Select The Right keyword(s)

Keywords define the type of traffic that your ads will attract. In simpler terms, they will bring your target audience to your website through the ads. Make sure you choose keywords with high search volume and CTR (Click Through Rate), along with their relevance to your business.

You can also refer to keyword research software like Ahrefs and SEMRush to analyze the keyword-performance before finalizing them.

Moreover, if your business offers products or services that appeal to a global audience, experts suggest using a VPN to determine which keywords belong to a particular location. VPNs are both free and paid. You can choose to go with the paid ones if your audience is majorly global.

Keyword Stuffing & Quality Score

Instead of stuffing the keywords in the ad copy, you should focus on the keywords’ quality score. This score is given by Google on a scale of 1-10 and can be seen on your Campaign’s interface while creating it. 1 denotes poor, and 10 denotes best. The below factors determine the keyword quality:

  • Landing Page Experience
  • How relevant your keywords are
  • CTR of keywords

Quality Of Ad Copy

The success of the PPC campaign also comes down to the effectiveness of the ad copy. If the keywords bring targeted traffic to your site, your ad copy’s quality keeps them hooked. It also gets them to take action, which is ultimately what you want. We have listed a few tips to create an effective ad copy:

  • Make sure that you have included all the USPs, along with the reason as to how your product or service can positively affect the reader’s life.
  • There is a character limit in writing an ad copy. Make sure that the sentences are complete and the meaning is properly conveyed.
  • Don’t forget to use power words like hurry, last chance, expiring soon, limited time, free, etc.
  • Focus on relevancy. Swaying from the topic will make the reader lose interest in your ad.
  • Craft attention-seeking headlines.

Create Mobile Optimized Campaigns

After the launch of Google‘s mobile-focused algorithm (Mobilegeddon), the search engine prefers content that is optimized for mobile. Moreover, with more than 45.12% of the world population going mobile, it makes sense to create mobile-optimized campaigns. Another hack is to include short or mid-tail keywords in your ad copy. Mobile users prefer such keywords to search on Google.

Moreover, it would help if you can include keywords that people generally use with voice searches. Such searches are gaining popularity, and this trend will rise in 2021. Your competitors are likely to chase the usual long-tail keywords in their ad copy, so using this little hack can fetch you good ROI.

Final Word

If done right, PPC campaigns can bring in great results. Don’t forget to focus on creating mobile-friendly landing pages, place the right keywords, and create engaging ad copies. Take cues from this article to create your ideal PPC Campaign.