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20 Spring Time Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

20. Easy Way to Clean Sunglasses

Image: Gink and Gasoline

With spring in full swing, sunglasses will become a go-to accessory for most people. Unfortunately, this means fingerprints and dirty lenses becoming a regular hassle. However, there is no reason to pay for expensive sunglasses cleaner because we have a quick solution. All you need to do is pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a 1 oz. bottle, before filling it with water and adding four drops of liquid detergent; then, simply shake, and you’re good to go! Clean glasses, 24/7.


19. How to Freshen Towels

Image: Consumer Queen

Do your towels give off a strange odor? Well, we have a solution for you—vinegar and baking soda. All you need to do to freshen your towels for spring is add 1 cup of vinegar and ½ a cup of baking soda to a hot washing cycle. That’s it! Let the washer do its thing and you’ll have fresh smelling towels that smell just like new!

18. Dryer Sheets for Glass Doors

Image: EMGN

If everyday glass cleaner isn’t removing the fingerprints off your glass doors, we suggest trying dryer sheets. Simply wipe them over the smudges and you’ll be amazed by how quickly they rub right off! It’s that easy!

17. DIY Trash Can Cleaner

Image: Trash That!

Do you open your trash can only to find that it reeks of death? Well, have no fear–our DIY trash can cleaner is here! All you need is an empty spray bottle, water, and some liquid dish soap. Mix 3 parts water and 1 part dish soap in the bottle; then, spray down the inside of the trash can and hose it out, making sure to say goodbye to that stench!

16. Refreshing DIY Window Cleaner

Image: Instructables

If you want to give your spring cleaning an edge, try this homemade glass cleaner. All you have to do is add 1/4c rubbing alcohol, 1/4c white vinegar, 1 tbsp cornstarch, and then 2c of warm water. We promise it will put your average household glass cleaner to shame!

15. Lemon Juice for Hard Water Stains

Image: Ask Anna

There’s nothing worse than your bathroom faucets being covered in hard water stains. Thankfully, this trick remedies the problem in one step. All you need to do is grab a lemon, cut it in half, and then rub it on the faucets with the stains. The citric acid will eat through the stains and leave you with shiny faucets that look brand new!

14. Kids Crafts: Popsicle Stick Flowers

Image: Pinterest

One great way to take advantage of spring is through arts and crafts for the kids. This fun activity involves making flowers out of popsicle sticks. All you need is colorful tissue paper and popsicle sticks for the base. Now let your imagination take over and you’ve got beautiful spring flowers that will keep the kids busy during their school break.

13. Kids Crafts: Spring Yarn Vase

Image: Pinterest

Another fun craft for kids is making a vase for flowers cut fresh from the garden. Simply grab a mason jar or container of choice, some Elmer’s Glue, and differently colored yarn. Coat the jar with the glue and then use the yarn to wrap around it. You won’t believe how cute and fun these vases can be!

12. Kids Crafts: Paper Plate Lady Bugs

Image: Buggy and Buddy

There’s no other bug that’s as iconic for spring as the Lady Bug and now you can keep your kids busy during spring break by having them make their own with paper plates and finger paints. Honestly, have you ever seen anything so cute? They certainly make great gifts for grandma! Plus, it keeps your kids out of your hair–sounds like a win/win!

11. Gardening: Clean Up

Image: Pinterest

Now that winter is over it’s time to clean up the garden and get rid of any debris. From dead leaves to leftover snow, get out the rake and start cleaning! You won’t believe how many weeds can take hold during the winter, and if you want a successful spring garden you’ll want to clear them out (don’t forget the roots).

10. Gardening: Revitalize Soil

Image: Chris Cano

After a long winter, the soil in your garden is most likely dried and packed; therefore, you need to loosen it up with a little moisture. We suggest using compost or manure, but testing the soil will let you know what specific nutrients it needs. Fertilizer is also a must, and you may want to go a little heavy at first. The cold can really do a number on soil, especially in more frigid areas.

9. Gardening: Trim Old Plants

Image: Lowe’s

If you have any plants that survived the winter we suggest trimming them down so they will sprout new growth come springtime. It’s good to wait until late April or early May before pruning, just in case there is a late freeze.

8. Gardening: Add Mulch

Image: North Coast Gardening

Once your soil is good to go and your remaining plants are pruned, we suggest adding mulch to your garden. Not only will this prevent weeds and diseases, but the mulch will maintain moisture levels in your garden as well.

7. Gardening: Plant Spring Perennials

Image: Living Gardens Information Center

Once your garden is in top shape, we suggest planning out your new plants. Some perfect flowers for spring are pansies, lilacs, snapdragons, vegetables, and tulips. We suggest always planting perennials, which will last 2-3 years rather than one.

6. Clean Your Toilets with Coke

Image: Foodbeast

Spring cleaning always comes during the month of March and toilets can be a real bear to clean. Thankfully, we have a quick solution: coke! This soft drink is a gift to the modern day homemaker because all you have to do is pour a 2-liter into the toilet and let it sit for a few hours; Then, simply flush and it will be sparkling good as new. Awesome, right?

5. Remove Water Stains with Lemons (Part 2)

Image: Swanson Vitamins

Besides hard water buildup, water stains can also be a real drag when it comes to cleaning; however, lemons can solve that problem in just a few minutes. All you need to do is cut a lemon in half and rub it over the places with water stains. The citric acid will remove the stains quickly and leave your surfaces shiny and reflective!

4. Tidy Your Cabinets with Tension Rods

Image: Pinterest

If you’re in need for some quick cabinet organization, we suggest using tension rods. Not only are they cheap but they are a quick and efficient way to get your cupboards in top shape after a long winter.

3. Squeegee for Carpet Hair Removal

Image: Thrifty Chic

Removing hair from carpeting can be next to impossible. Vacuums don’t suck all of it up and many times you can just displace it into the air for it to settle somewhere else. However, we have a solution: a squeegee! Yes, you read that right. You can kiss that dog and cat hair goodbye! How’s that for a springtime hack?

2. Coffee Filter Hack for Ovens

Image: Air & Water, Inc

Coffee filters soak up grease easily and leave behind no residue, which makes them an excellent tool for cleaning ovens. Forget sponges or rags; a coffee filter will remove the grime and leave your oven looking good as new. Try it! We promise you’ll be impressed.

1. Vacuum Seal Winter Clothes

Image: Get Organized Wizard

Tired of all your winter clothes taking up space? Well, this springtime hack will solve that problem quickly. All you have to do is vacuum-seal your clothes. Not only will this reduce the space they take up, but they will stay protected while stored until next winter. Pretty awesome, right?