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School Janitor’s Former Occupation Is Revealed And No One Could Believe It Was Him

20. Janitor

Can you remember the name of your high school janitor? Or what about the janitor at your work? It’s no surprise if you don’t, as most of us don’t take the time of day to get to know the janitorial staff we encounter. Well, the next time you meet one, you may consider stopping to say hey, they enjoy some friendly interaction, too.

Not only that but after you hear the incredible story of one Air Force Academy Janitor and his previous life, you’ll want to get to know everyone you meet…

19. William Crawford

In 1918, William Crawford was born in the town of Pueblo, Colorado. Crawford has a tender spirit that was always concerned with the well-being of others, even if it was a personal cost to him. A proud American a vocal patriot, it’s surprising Crawford kept his secret for so long…

18. Colorado Is Home

Being a native Coloradan, Crawford always knew it was going to be his forever home. He travelled the world throughout his life but knew he would always come back to the place he called home. When he was in retirement age, he decided to go home and find an easy job to keep him busy.

17. Colorado Springs

He applied and accepted the job as a janitor at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He just wanted something simple, easy, and quiet; a job that would let him gracefully enjoy his retirement years. The last thing he EVER wanted was for someone to find out about his past…

16. Cover Almost Blown

Most of the cadets at the academy remain firm that the old man stayed to himself mostly and that he was actually rather shy. They didn’t even know is full name, as they referred to him as Mr. Crawford. Little did they know he didn’t share his personal life because he was shy, but because he didn’t want anyone to find out his deepest secret.

15. Colonel Moschgat

Colonel Moschgat, who was a cadet at the Academy and was the one who discovered who Crawford was. He told interviewers that,“Bill was shy, almost painfully so, seldom speaking to a cadet unless they addressed him first, always burying himself in his work. The Academy, one of our nation’s premier leadership laboratories, kept us busy from dawn till dusk. And Mr. Crawford… well, he was just a janitor. That changed one fall Saturday afternoon…”. He also started a blog, detailing what it was like working with the janitor that was so much more…

14. Blog

His blog details his interactions with Mr Crawford and how attentive and great at his job he was, “For many years, few of us gave him much notice, rendering little more than a passing nod or throwing a curt, ‘G’morning’ in his direction as we hurried off. Why? Perhaps it was because of the way he did his job, always keeping the squadron area spotlessly clean. Frankly, he did his job so well, none of us had to notice or get involved. After all, cleaning toilets was his job, not ours”. He couldn’t comprehend how he had been so mistaken about Mr Crawford…

13. The Story

Moschgat explains further that it was the fateful day in which he was reading an incredible story about WWII when something sprung into his mind. As he was reading, he saw the name William Crawford in big bold letters! He couldn’t believe he was reading about a former trooper who now was their janitor…

12. Confronted

In his excitement, the cadet immediately found Crawford and asked him if it was really him! The old man seemed uneasy and too humble to go into grave detail about the hero he really was. Instead, he simply said, “That was a long time ago and one day in my life”…

11. The Cadets

All of the cadets were so interested in their janitor’s life story, they pressed him for more information. The information in the book wasn’t enough, they wanted the full truth first hand. Eventually, bill gave in and recounted the tale that made it into the history book that reminded us all…

10. Going The Army

It turns out, William had joined the Army in July 1942. Less than a year after his enlistment, he was sent off to the front lines in Southern Italy. His infantry attacked Hill 424 near Altavilla Silentina and was soon trapped by a curtain of gunfire and explosives. The situation quickly turned grave and the men were trapped…

9. Crawford’s Role

Crawford, being on the front lines, was able to view the main gun that was doing most of the damage. With no time to act, Crawford couldn’t wait for a direct order and had to act on his feet. He decided to crawl forward and take the threat out–single-handedly.

8. A Miracle

Although it was a success, there was no time to celebrate, as they were still under fire. They were being attacked by two more machine guns, and yet again, he managed to crawl and eliminate them, by himself. He crawled so quietly, they never saw him coming. While he took those threats out for his troop, he himself was in great danger…

7. Taken In Action

Due to his courageous act, the Germans were able to capture him because he was so close to their front line. When someone is a POW, their future can be grim because usually, they are killed. No one sent for him because they assumed the worst, but at home, they were awarding him…

6. Presumed Dead

Crawford, from then on, was presumed dead. For his heroic actions, he was awarded the highest military award available, the Medal of Honor. It is usually presented to a family member when the awardee is deceased. His father accepted the award and went on grieving the loss of his son…

5. Rescued

In 1944, shortly after his father received the medal of honor in his name, a group of soldiers was rescued from German forces, and in that group, was William. He came home and resumed what most would assume is a normal life, getting married and enjoying being home. Courageously, William enlisted AGAIN shortly after his marriage.

4. Retired

After 20 years in the US Military, he retired with the title Master Sergeant. Although he was given the medal of honor, which most people would wear with pride, William felt he was not worthy of such an honor. However, unlike many, he found pride in his work as a janitor. He didn’t make more than a modest income, and many didn’t feel right about that…

3. Graduation Ceremony

Crawford was invited to the Academy’s graduation ceremony in 1984 but little did he know, he was about to receive the surprise of his life. Due to being presumed dead, an award was given to his father, but William himself never actually received the metal. So one day, the cadets decided to make it happen…

2. Regan Attended

President Reagen even attended and presented the Medal of Honor to William, finally recognizing his heroic act. Reagen spoke graciously about the natural born leader, and how the next generation of leaders must learn from his courage and selflessness. Everyone was so grasped by the story, they even convinced William to get up and share his story.

1. A True Hero

After the ceremony and recognition, everyone started to treat William like the hero he really was, as well remembering that labels don’t define a person. People that worked closely with the janitor said they started to notice a difference in him after the ceremony; he started to become more confident and present in conversations. It goes to show, treating people with respect and dignity should be priority number one because it creates a better world for us all. William was honored after his death by being buried in the United States Air Force Academy Cemetery in Colorado Springs.