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This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Backyard And Now His Neighbors Are Insanely Jealous

25. The Home Project Conundrum

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When it comes to home projects, sometimes the fantasy is easier than reality. While we’re sure most people have dreamed up some amazing renovations they’d love to do, following through can be a whole other matter. Not only can home construction projects be expensive, but they come with legalities such as permits and paperwork that can really be a hassle. Plus, without professional help, it can be quite difficult times to execute a project well.


24. A Mysterious Hole

Image: Plantar un Arbol

Despite these caveats, one man named Wayne Martin was determined to complete one of the most ambitious backyard construction projects ever. At first, his neighbors thought he was completely bonkers when he began to dig a massive hole in his backyard, but their tune changed once the project was finished. In fact, his neighbors turned green with pure envy. We know you’re going to feel the exact same way when you see the results of this ambitious, yet spectacular project.

23. The Shipping Container


Wayne began by purchasing a 20-foot shipping container that he found online. While you would think this would be expensive, many of these types of containers are discarded and sold for cheap. When doing your own construction project it’s important to keep costs down, so this project is already off to a great start!

22. Cheap and Ready to Go

Image: Western Container Sales

The shipping container would end up the body for the entire project, so Wayne was lucky to find it at such a low cost! Without it, he’d be up a creek without a paddle! The big question on our minds is what is he going to use it for?

21. A Door? What For?

Image: World Lifestyle

The next step in the construction process was to seal off one end of the shipping container so nothing could get in. On the other end of the container, Wayne installed a front door that would be the only entrance inside. What is this guy up to? We have our theories.

20. Digging Away

Image: World Lifestyle

With the container sealed and ready, Wayne moved on to dig a large hole in his backyard. He made sure the hole was at least two feet deeper than the height of the container so he would have room for steps later in the construction process. A six-inch layer of gravel was also poured along the bottom of the hole to provide an even foundation for the shipping container.

19. We Need a Bigger Truck

Image: World Lifestyle

Due to the size of the shipping container, Wayne had to hire a septic company to bring in their truck and crane to move the container into the hole. Can you guess what this project is? Wait until you see the end result! We can’t believe that Wayne isn’t a professional!

18. What Could He Be Building?

Another potential underground project, is he building a bunker?

After the container was lowered into the hole, Wayne needed to make sure there was 2-feet of space around each side so he could still perform the work needed to be done to the outside and inside of the container. By now, we’re sure you’ve guessed what Wayne is making; however, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer to know for sure!

17. Don’t Be a Chump, Install a Sump Pump

Image: World Lifestyle

Next, a sump pump was installed to make sure the container remained above the water line. These are usually found in basements and ensures water doesn’t eventually collect and flood an underground structure. Wayne wanted to be sure his project didn’t end up waterlogged one day. Good thinking!

16. Down the Steps We Go

Image: World Lifestyle

Concrete steps leading down to the container’s door were built so the container could be accessed easily. While this obvious underground bunker isn’t super high-tech or fancy, you can definitely tell it’s going to get the job done! Now, with most of the exterior work done, there were still a few items left to be completed. Wayne is definitely on a construction roll!

15. Installing a Secure Framework

Image: World Lifestyle

One of the next pieces of this elaborate underground construction puzzle was installing two I-beams along the top that would stay level with the stairs. This framework would offer up support for what comes later. Wayne is certainly keeping safety a top priority. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

14. Wayne is Unstoppable!

Image: World Lifestyle

Who knew Wayne was so efficient with a jackhammer? Go, Wayne, go! The next steps involved building a framework along the roof of the shipping container. Can you see what’s coming together? It definitely is an underground bunker of some sort. To say we are excited to see the finished product is a bit of an understatement.

13. Another Step Closer

Image: World Lifestyle

Now that the framework was in place, Wayne began to lay down sheets of corrugated metal that would be stable enough to support an average human’s weight. The last thing anyone would want is someone falling through the ground and landing on top of the bunker. Wait, did we say bunker? Ignore that! We don’t know what this is going to end up being yet!

12. It’s Starting to Come Together

Image: World Lifestyle

With the foundation and roof finally in place, Wayne left an opening over the stairs, utilizing rebar to provide extra support. It was now time to focus on the entryway and as you can see, things are finally starting to come together on this project. We’re amazed ONE MAN was able to do so much!

11. Protection from the Natural Elements

Image: World Lifestyle

Cinder blocks were placed around the rebar and filled in with cement. It was important that the entrance was not only sturdy, but was raised above the actual container. Weather was also a factor, so Wayne took great care to ensure his project would be protected from the natural elements.

10. Air Vents Wanted

Image: World Lifestyle

As the project neared its end, Wayne installed two 12-inch air vents at the front and back end of the container in order to provide the interior with fresh air. He also made sure to install some PVC pipe for the eventual installation of utilities. It seems good ‘ole Wayne has thought of everything!

9. Reinforcements Needed

Image: World Lifestyle

With all of the basics in place, it was finally time to pour in the concrete to fill in all of the gaps. A six-inch layer of concrete was used to reinforce the corrugated metal roofing, as well as the rebar around the entryway. It seems Wayne definitely wanted this underground structure to withstand the test of time!

8. Safety is Key

Image: World Lifestyle

Once the layers of concrete were dry, Wayne added more cinder blocks around the entrance. There would be no cutting corners when it came to reinforcements, as well as the structure’s safety. It seems we are close to the light at the end of the tunnel.

7. A Room with a View

Image: World Lifestyle

Wayne removed the temporary supports underneath the concrete and metal sheeting to test the structural integrity. This is an excellent view of the progress being made. Can you believe this used to just be a hole in the ground?

6. It’s a Bunker!

Image: World Lifestyle

Now, we’re sure you’ve guessed by now that Wayne is building his very own underground bunker! As you can see, Wayne wasted no time in filling it with wine and liquor. While we thought this was going to be a disaster shelter, a wine cellar works too!

5. Wine and Dine for Decades

Image: World Lifestyle

Here’s another angle of the interior. While it’s currently functioning for storage, this would definitely be a great place to escape a natural disaster or a nuclear attack. You’d also feel pretty good too with all that alcohol down there.

4. A Word of Caution

Image: Publico

It’s important to point out that these types of shipping containers are designed to be stacked, which means most of the structural integrity is within each corner of the container. You need to be careful if you decide to make your own underground bunker that you build in the correct support so the container doesn’t buckle under the weight.

3. Another Take on a Bunker

Image: World Lifestyle

Of course, other people have attempted to construct underground shelters in their backyards, and you don’t have to use a shipping container to do so. As you can see, this person decided to make their structure from cinder blocks.

2. Elegant and Chic

Image: World Lifestyle

So when can we move in? This bunker looks so upscale and elegant. Heck, it looks better than some of apartment’s we’ve seen. Could we fill out a rental application?

1. Fact vs. Fiction

Image: World Lifestyle

Most underground bunkers are inspired by science fiction films, where people escape to large underground shelters to avoid extinction. It’s important to understand that these bunkers are simply that—fiction. Most underground bunkers are much smaller and only contain the basics when it comes amenities. As for Wayne? He simply wanted a place to store his stock pile of wine.