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When This Leopard Finds a Baby Monkey, You Won’t Believe What Happens!

The Power of Nature

Image: Daily Mail

When it comes to love and compassion, one just needs to look to nature to see it in action. In these turbulent times, it seems sad that predators in the wild can show kindness to their natural enemies and humans continue to fight amongst one another every single day. However, this leopard’s story proves that sometimes you can put differences aside and still protect those you were born to hunt.


A Rare Glimpse

Image: Edward Selfe Photography

In 2006, National Geographic captured a truly amazing sight—a  young leopard’s first kill. The leopard whose name was Legadema, had been stalking a female baboon for quite some time. As the cameras rolled, they witnessed the young leopard finally strike and take down the baboon.

First Kill

Image: Boredom Therapy

Triumphant, the leopard marched with his newfound prey proudly, his first trophy. However, when he began to eat, something surprised the National Geographic crew, as well as the leopard. Can you guess what?

The Baby Baboon

Image: Boredom Therapy

As the leopard tended to his meal, the baboon’s body began to move. Suddenly, a tiny baby baboon emerged from his dead mother’s fur. Not only was the film crew shocked, but also the young leopard was now no longer interested in its fresh kill.

What’s Going to Happen?

Image: Boredom Therapy

At first no one knows what the young leopard will do. Is he going to make the baby his second victim? We have to admit we’re slightly nervous about this situation. Hopefully, the leopard will show mercy.

A Frightening Experience

Image: The Dodo

The baby baboon is quite frightened, unsure of the inquisitive predator. Curious at this little ball of fur that just emerged from its dinner, the leopard sniffs and circles the tiny infant. We really hope that the leopard will show mercy.

Mother Nature is Cruel

Image: Boredom Therapy

A tense moment occurs when the leopard seems to be on the attack. Despite wanting to intervene, the film crew can only sit back and watch. Mother Nature must take her course and this is the way the wild works.

Carried Away

Image: Boredom Therapy

After taking a few moments to investigate the situation, the leopard picks up the baby in his mouth. The little baboon cries out, wanting its mother, but the leopard has made its decision. Is the baby about to become an appetizer?

A Surrogate Father

Image: Animal Liberation Front

However, in a shocking turn of events, the leopard starts to climb a tree with the baby. What could he be up too? Once they are safely on a branch, the leopard seems to tend to the crying infant.

The Leopard and the Baby

Image: National Geographic

With sniffs and a few cuddles, the leopard becomes a surrogate mother for the tiny baboon. However, the baboon still seems a little pensive about the entire situation. Thankfully, the leopard continues to reassure it with gentle touches.

Falling to the Ground

Image: Secrets of the Fed

The baby baboon begins to wander outside of the leopard’s arms, eventually falling into the grass below. Unfortunately, this little one’s situation was about to become more complicated.

The Hyena Threat

Image: The Lion King Wikia

As night fell, hyenas began to take notice of the dead mother baboon’s carcass, as well as the little one. Quickly, they began to make their approach. Would the leopard intervene? We can only hope!

Back to Safety

Image: Reckon Talk

In a shocking move, the leopard darts from the tree and quickly snatches up the baby, carrying it back to the safety of the branches above. That was definitely too close to call.

Back off, Hyena!

Image: BBC

After making sure the baby is safe, the leopard returns to confront the hyena. No longer interested in his kill, he wants to make sure the baby remains protected at all costs. Thankfully, the hyena backs down and slinks off into the night.

Cute and Curious

Image: Keyword Suggest

The leopard returns to the baby baboon, who’s become more curious and explores its new makeshift home. What is to become of this little one? Is it possible the leopard will try to take care of it?

An Unfortunate End

Image: Albasun

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always kind. As the night turned colder and with no way to provide the baby any nourishment, the infant baboon died during the night. However, it died feeling safe and loved by an unlikely source—a natural predator that turned a blind eye to instinct and protected the tiny baby who was in need.