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3 SEO Strategies To Grab New Customers

SEO is the type of marketing aimed at getting a target audience from search engines on the Internet without paying per click. Now any brand requires the highest quality presentation on the Internet, especially the eCommerce business. This promotion type helps build brand credibility and drive the maximum amount of organic traffic to your website. In this article, we’ll look at 3 SEO strategies that are relevant to different situations.



Fast traffic


The main point here is reaching the TOP of search results for low-frequency and low-competitive search queries to get fast traffic and first conversions from this traffic.


A thorough competitors’ analysis will show the search queries they rank poorly. Having created landing pages for low-frequency requests, and backlinks placed on sites of average quality donors, the main thing is a quick placement and quick indexing. In this case, speed is more important than quality.


Cons of the strategy:


  • The relevance of the site for search queries may be not perfect;
  • Low website conversion rate;


Who is this strategy suitable for:


  • Young business, new sites.
  • Entrepreneurs with a low budget.


Anchoring your positions


This strategy presupposes a website promotion for target requests with low and medium competition to get better traffic to the site and more targeted leads.


A lot of attention is paid to the quality of pages and content, text and meta tags are getting rewritten. The relevance of the pages themselves for search queries is getting increased. A lot of time is spent on increasing the conversion rate of the site. More trustworthy backlinks should be created. The goal of this strategy is to increase the number and quality of the leads. Using an eCommerce website optimization service here is highly recommended.


Cons of the strategy:


  • Site development takes quite a lot of time (much more than in the previous strategy);
  • Achievement of the results also takes more time;
  • This strategy is more expensive to perform.


Who is this strategy suitable for:


  • Small and medium-sized businesses that are not the first year on the market, its site hangs out in the TOP 10-20 positions and has good trust in search engines.



Power strategy


The goal here is total domination over competitors, the site’s reaching the TOP 3-TOP 5 positions according to a very wide semantic core of search queries. Oftentimes, the competition is between market leaders. A lot of specialists can be involved in such projects.


The work on links for the “leader” strategy fades into the background. Thanks to the popularity of the site, links grow on their own. SEO-optimizers on such projects often go deeper into internal optimization. Text content is written of the highest quality, has 100% expertise and usefulness. Various methods of presenting information should be used – video, infographics, multimedia elements.


Cons of the strategy:


  • Very high implementation costs;
  • A team of specialists working only on this project is needed;
  • A system for processing and analyzing large amounts of information is required.


Who is this strategy suitable for:


  • This strategy is suitable for market leaders who want to overtake competitors that are not inferior to them. This fight is for every position in the TOP of the search and for every target user and lead.


SEO-optimization, regardless of the type of strategy you use and the specifics of your business, is an essential step towards the success of your business and high customer conversion. To learn more about SEO strategies and conduct a campaign with minimal costs and maximum results, contact advanced SEO services.