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3 Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

As we head into another cold winter, energy is becoming a concern again — especially for families in older houses, who see their costs rise as temperatures drop. For this reason, many will be looking for ways to reduce the shock of that end-of-January heating bill by economizing.


But saving energy doesn’t necessarily require you to turn down the thermostat and put on an extra pair of socks according to the experts over at Simply Switch. These three upgrades can help you lower your energy bills while still enjoying a warm, cozy house all winter long.

1. Install New Windows and Doors

Did you know that more than 10% of your total energy gets lost through the windows and doors? This number is even higher in the case of homes with aging doors and windows that are creating gaps that compromise your thermal envelope.

Hiring a company like that specializes in energy-efficient building and design to install windows and doors that will keep the cold out and the warm air in is a great way to get rid of uncomfortable draughts and help you reduce your overall heat loss.

Getting new windows and doors will also contribute to your home’s value by improving curb appeal and giving your living space a fresh look.

2. Trade In Your Appliances

If you’ve had the same washing machine for more than a decade, there’s a good chance that it’s consuming more energy than necessary. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you may want to check out some tips for your outdoor kitchen appliances to make sure you invest in the right one. As appliances age, they can sometimes become less efficient, so if you haven’t upgraded recently, you’ll also be missing out on the recent breakthroughs that have been made in energy-efficient design.

In some places, there may even be government programs that can help you trade in your old appliances for more energy-efficient ones. Not only do you get rid of that energy-sucking washer, you get a brand-new model that provides you with better service.

3. Improve Your Insulation

If your house feels stifling hot in the summer and bone-chillingly cold in the winter, your insulation might be at fault. In older neighborhoods, houses may not have had their insulation upgraded in decades. Many homeowners undertaking renovations in century-old houses, for example, have been shocked to discover that the only insulating barrier between their living space and the elements was sawdust. Replacing your old insulation with the new, best metal building insulation is a huge step forward when it comes to your home’s upgrades.

Insulation technology has advanced considerably over the past few decades, and insulation now delivers R-values far beyond what was standard for the construction industry in the late twentieth century.

While changing your insulation can be a big job, it has been proven time and again to make a dramatic improvement in home comfort, and to reduce utility bills year-round.

Homeowners tend to adapt to their property’s quirks and oddities over time. You get used to the idea that that corner bedroom is just always going to be cold, or that your vestibule is draughty. But the truth is that these inefficiencies cost you money, and over time you may end up paying thousands of dollars to essentially heat the outdoors.

Making your home more efficient is one of the best ways to improve comfort, reduce costs, and increase the long-term value of your property, so if you’re looking for a project in the coming months, considering replacing your windows and doors, trading in your old appliances, or upgrading your insulation.