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4 Disruptive Game Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

It has been a great year once again for the video games sector, although partly driven, of course, by folks being required to stay at home during the ongoing pandemic.


Revenues in the industry continue to grow in Canada and beyond, but success has come at a price in terms of the design trends being somewhat stagnant.

The likes of Pokemon Go and Candy Crush continue to be ranked in the top ten of mobile games, but it could be time for a major change as we head towards 2021.

Our writer Michelle Thomas has more on that subject and plenty more besides right here, but for now, let’s take you through the best gambling industry design trends to look forward to in gaming in the coming year.

Game Design 2021 Style

We all love the thrill and excitement of playing online casino Canada real money. Whether you’re a slots person or you love a game of blackjack, beating the house for real is always fun so this remains an option as well. There are some brilliant game art trends for customers to view that are inspired by excellent websites such as the one you are visiting right now.

Just as The Design Inspiration, we have always seen innovation being displayed in the gaming industry amidst a culture of continuous improvement, with major ‘disruptive’ trends bursting onto the scene which threaten to be the future of game design.

Here are 4 specific designs that form the basis of gaming industry trends 2021.

1. Auto Battlers

The era of the Auto Battler has already begun, but it has not yet exploded into the public gaming consciousness. Many of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena developers released games around the same time as each other, including Team Fight Tactics, Underlords and Auto Chess.

It seems though that this is just the beginning, and the Auto Battler genre has not got into anything like top gear just yet – but it may do in 2021.

An Auto Battler is essentially a new tactic and design technique within strategy games. The chess-like elements place characters around the grid with fighting able to commence without any more direct control needed by the player. We think this will appeal to many gamers.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning relies on algorithms that can improve a game automatically as it gains “experience”. It has radically changed how games are being designed and has been inputted successfully into many great titles already, but again it is not at its peak.

While everyday applications have been using Machine Learning for some time, the gaming industry has been strangely slow to adopt it but it is now seeping in and the next year could see an explosion in its use.

3. Open Ecosystem Design

We don’t want to get too nerdy here, and we’d recommend you read more about Open Ecosystem Designs to gain a proper insight, but we do want to point out its potential positive impact on the gaming industry in 2021.

Game designers and developers are thinking about remaking their designs, about making their game economies less centralized and reliant on governments, borders or official currencies. They want to be more open.

It’s a hugely interesting if complicated topic and will no doubt have a big impact on the industry in the next 12-24 months.

4. Virtual Reality

We’ve known about forms of Virtual Reality for years now but it has always promised more than it has delivered. That may be about to change.

Gradually, the technology is getting better and the price is falling for consumers, but up to now, it hasn’t been as focussed as it should have been. In 2021, we should see more games and apps built specifically for a great VR headset and that could help it to truly take off now.


The gaming industry is always a fast-moving one, but in 2021 we may truly see some ground-breaking concepts that change the way we look at it forever.