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5 Proven Tricks to Create the Best Call to Action

Marketers go through unending research and analysis to find the slightest edge over the others for their marketing campaigns. Some come with innovative solutions whereas some follow the same path. Even though there is nothing as good as a new and innovative marketing strategy, the conventional ways should never be ignored either because those are the proven strategies that nurture good results. However, one may apply new tactics in conventional strategies! And in today’s article, we are going to talk about one such marketing element that carries a lot of credibilities! Yes, we are talking about Call to Action (commonly, termed as CTA).


Here, we are going to talk about multiple ways how you can design an outstanding CTA that would attract eyeballs and get clicks! So, this post is made for both designers and marketers, who need to collaborate to create a working CTA.

What is Call to Action?

Call to Action, in marketing term, means the section of your content or advertisement that positively prompts and encourages visitors to take an action, which adds to the sales funnel. CTA is generally used on web pages, advertisement messages, and sales scripts to compel visitors to take a positive action led to a sale.

According to the marketing gurus at Intlum Technology, CTA is the most important yet most ignored part of website designing and marketing. If you are looking for an increased sale, not only do you need to create an exceptional page layout and write an awesome copy, but you also need to work on each and every element of your website and advertisement. And CTA is among the first few elements. The more information you can provide, the better your CTA will be since your audience would know what to expect next. However, you also need to make it interesting as well to gain clicks from the users who have hundreds of other websites and sources to visit.

CTA is one of the most critical parts of any website and marketing campaign both from a design and content viewpoint. So, let’s take a look at some ideas that can help you design your CTA in a better way.

Begin with a Strong Command Verb

We read from the left to the right. And when you have a very short sentence (usually within six words because a long sentence would not do well for a CTA in most cases), a verb alone can convey the meaning of the whole sentence. So, when you start with a verb, you come straight to the point without wasting a second of your audience’s time. Start with a verb that precisely depicts the action you want them to take.

For instance, when you promote your newsletter, directly start with ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Download’ or ‘Get.’ On the other hand, when it comes to compelling your visitors to ask for further information, you may start with ‘Fill up’ or ‘Enter’ or ‘Find Out.’

Bring Out Their Emotion and Enthusiasm

You want your audience to be enthusiastic to get a positive response. If you are using an enthusiastic CTA, it would help you make them enthusiastic too! The best way to induce the enthusiasm of your audience is to give them a good reason for clicking on the CTA. For instance, when you say ‘Subscribe Now and Win an Assured Gift’ or ‘Get Free Trial for 15 Days’, they get thrilled because you are offering a benefit for them.

For instance, if you have a website on travel and tourism, and you display a CTA that says, ‘Book Your Dream Destination at Lower Cost’, what do you think it will do? It will surely build up enthusiasm in the audience who are interested in traveling to the place you are offering because it has the right words that could hit the right chord.

Use FOMO for Your Benefit

This is another trick that would help you create exceptionally alluring CTAs! FOMO, that stands for Fear of Missing Out, is something that everyone has! So, if you can successfully utilize that through your CTA, it will surely bring you more clicks and sales. When people see that you are giving them a great opportunity that they may miss if action is not taken, they won’t hesitate to click on your CTA and proceed to the next stage of the sales funnel.

For instance, let’s imagine a Call to Action saying, ‘Grab the Deal Before Sunday or Lose Your 50% Discount!’ They will surely think about the fact that they may actually miss the opportunity if any more delay happens! Especially, if it’s a time-sensitive situation or occasion, your audience will be more than willing to hit the button! Provoking the FOMO is a viable and tricky way to get some valuable clicks.

Focus on the Color

Each and every element matters when it comes to online business or dealing. When you are putting a CTA on your site or mobile app, you have to make sure that it attracts them! If the CTA button fails to grab the eyeballs, they may even miss the awesome text or out-of-the-world hover effect you put on the button. So, the first thing that you should do to make sure your CTA is compelling is selecting the right color.

Now, selecting color can be tricky since there are multiple aspects to be considered. You need to follow your website’s color scheme, good contrast with the background color, and consider the color psychology at the same time. Moreover, the color may also be contextual! While one color may suit one content, another content may demand a different color! So, you have to go through A/B testing and see which color comes out at the top. A lot of businesses experienced the difference of thousands of sales (increased or reduced) just by changing the color of the CTA button.

Choose Fonts Wisely

Just like the color, you have to be cautious while choosing a font for your CTA button. Fonts can influence the impact of your CTA in a big way. While you cannot use a font that does not have enough readability, on the other hand, you have to make sure that the font on your CTA button stands out from the rest. Using stylish fonts with cursive writing can make it difficult for your users to read, which will destroy your sales funnel. And users won’t pay attention to the font that is too generic.

So, if you want to keep the audience glued and still don’t want to compromise with the readability, you have to make the right balance by choosing a prominent font. A lot of research and analysis needs to be made. You may monitor your successful competitors to get an idea.

Create a Call to Action That Your Audience Cannot Ignore

Above are five ways how you can design a CTA that would bring you more leads and sales. Assuming that you already know how important CTA is, you will surely use these tricks to make your CTA more viable, attractive, and conversion-friendly. So, audit your entire website now, and find out the existing flaws in your CTA because there is always room for improvement that you can do. And a good CTA design is the first step to up your marketing game.