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5 Recommended Tools & Services for Design Agencies in 2021

The graphic design industry is heavily competitive. Agencies are constantly trying to draw in new clients and produce the best results. Your graphic design agency should always strive for top performance, but your team will have a much easier time achieving the results you’re after with the best tools and services.


Let’s break some of these top tools and services down now.


Dropbox might seem a little commonsensical, but it’s important to make sure that everyone in your graphic design team is using this tool consistently. Dropbox is more than just a file-sharing service: it’s a hub where everyone on your team can collaborate and send files to one another quickly and easily.

For example, maybe multiple people on your team are working on the same logo for a new online company. By passing progress back and forth using Dropbox, collaboration will be much more quick and easy.

Furthermore, you can even extend Dropbox use to certain clients. While some agencies utilize their own file sharing system, you can utilize Dropbox as a tool for quick delivery to your clients.


Penji’s unlimited graphic design platform links you to top designers that are perfect for your needs or industry focus. It’s versatile, easy to understand service that allows seamless communication between clients and designers.

The platform allows designers to share work and receive feedback immediately, and members get unlimited project proposals so they can meet their marketing goals on time, every time.

Need something for your team? Penji can help ease design workloads by facilitating fast communication and helping your design agency connect more quickly with new clients. Best of all, you can try Penji for free right now, so there’s no reason not to give it a whirl.


Trello is another great choice for general project management. It’s even considered to be industry-standard in some circles.

You can create as many job boards as you need and juggle multiple clients at the same time thanks to its intuitive controls. This allows project managers to cycle between different projects throughout the week and make sure that every team member is on the same page.

For graphic design agencies that have a lot of new business, Trello can be a lifesaver and prevent you from forgetting a client’s needs when you’re swamped.

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Adobe Color

There’s also Adobe Color: a simplistic tool that can nonetheless be a great help to graphic designers in your agency.

Anyone familiar with Adobe’s other tools, like Photoshop and Lightroom, should get the hang of it in no time. It provides access to a vibrant color wheel and allows designers to choose one color and instantly be pointed to analogous, compound, complementary, and triad color schemes. You can even check out different variations of a single color if you want to make something that stands out from the competition.

Again, it’s a basic tool, but one that graphic designers can often use to relieve themselves of color-related headaches.

Lorem Ipsum

Last is Lorem Ipsum: a basic Photoshop plug-in that’s a lifesaver when you need to create filler text when checking out the look of an app screen or website page. It fills the target page with dummy text and can help you see how your agency’s design will look “in the wild” without actually having to create dummy copy for the website yourself.

All in all, each of the above tools and services could be a great help to your agency as you strive for success. Be sure to try each of them yourself (as most of them are either very cheap or have free trials) to see which ones you’ll stick with over the long-term!