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5 Social Media Trends You Should Implement in 2021

The golden age of digital marketing is just ramping up, and social media is the backbone of any solid marketing strategy. Especially now, when people are at home for most of their time and social media use (which was already high, to begin with) has skyrocketed.


For a business to create a social media profile somewhere and post something now and then isn’t enough, however. Without a solid strategy, the company might as well not be there because they aren’t going to get any engagement through those channels. And a solid social media strategy always involves banking on the latest and expected trends on various platforms.

Take a look at some of the key social media trends that will give rise to improved views and engagement in the coming year.

1. Instagram Stories and Reels are a Hit

It’s not just Instagram that’s doing well with video-based content. Even Twitter’s new Fleets feature looks promising. But Instagram and Tik Tok are leading the pack here in terms of corporate content engagement levels. YouTube is also holding steady in terms of marketing preferences.

Video has been the star prodigy of social media for a while now, and by all accounts, it keeps getting more popular. Around 85% of Americans watch video content on their phones at least once a month – but let’s be honest, it’s probably more like per day.

2. People Research Products on Social Media First

It’s becoming normal to research a product on social media before heading to a store’s website or physical location to try/buy it. Social platforms have even started making this process easier. For instance, Instagram now has the Shopping feature, which lets users shop straight from photos by showing information and providing links.

Any marketing strategy that utilizes social media in their sales funnel needs to look at how their audience is shopping online. It might be wise to give social features like this more prominence in the funnel.

3. Communicating via Messenger Apps are Becoming the Norm

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have already replaced traditional customer service models at many companies. Now, messenger apps like WhatsApp and WeChat are starting to take over that space. Most customers prefer to voice their concerns or questions via messaging, and it’s also become a popular way to book events or outings or order a service.

4. People Want Reassurance About Their Privacy

Online security and privacy are important topics in the news and social media posts the world over right now. It’s unlikely that this will change soon. People are becoming more aware of cyber threats and the part that companies have to protect their data.

Dealing with privacy as a topic is a difficult task because people are inherently distrustful now. It’s a good idea to start with implementing security measures that will protect customer data. Like having employees (especially those who work remotely) use a VPN when they’re on the internet. What is a VPN? It’s a program that encrypts devices’ network connections and ensures hackers can’t track what people are doing online. Read more about what is a VPN here.

Then relate those safety measures to audiences to reassure them that everything possible is being done to ensure their data stays protected.

5. Emerging Platforms are Making a Big Splash

New rising social platforms are a prime space for businesses who wish to make their mark. Facebook might still reign as the supreme leader of content, but it’s also hard to build an audience on the platform without an in-depth strategy. There’s a lot less competition on smaller platforms, and the potential growth alongside the platform offsets the downside of the smaller user base.


These trends are looking hot for social media marketing in the next year or two, but keep in mind that it’s an ever-changing landscape. Watch out for micro-trends to jump on for quick bursts in engagement, and keep an eye on popular channels and creators to see what they’re doing.