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A Blog for Your Practice, What to Start With?

In an increasingly interconnected world, any veterinarian looking to stand out and connect with their target market should think of veterinary marketing ideas. This is not just to raise awareness about your practice, but also to build credibility as a professional.


A great way to do so is by starting your own blog. How exactly do you do that anyway? Here’s an easy step-by-step process to jumpstart a blog for your practice today:

Think of yourself as an expert. First of all, you have to change your mindset about your online presence. You have to bear in mind that you do have years of experience under your belt. You also possess the training required to get where you are now.

In line with this, you have the authority to give valuable veterinary care information and advice. In order to do this, you shouldn’t think that your posts, tweets, or messages about work will bore people because it’s shameless self-promotion.

Think about your day-to-day experiences. Put yourself in the perspective of pet owners. What kind of questions do they usually ask? What are their usual concerns? This can serve as the foundation of your blog posts.

You have to think of topics that pet owners deem interesting or relevant. At the same time, the information you share should be general enough to safeguard patient privacy.

Write it down. It’s not enough just to have ideas. You need to actually write them down. However, a lot of people have difficulty putting their thoughts into writing.

Talk about the topic as simply as concisely as possible. Remember your target audience doesn’t usually understand medical terms, so it’s best to keep it simple yet engaging. After reading your blog post, your audience should know what the next steps are to fix their pet’s problems.

Layout the content. This is where you can get creative. In order to capture the attention of your target audience, you need to present your content in an interesting way. Think of ways to educate others without being boring. You can use funny memes, cute animal pictures, and the like. The possibilities are endless.

You should also consider coming up with a simple infographic to present information in a concise yet visually appealing manner. This way, the information will be easy to share with others.

Make it SEO-friendly. For your content to rank high on online engine search results, it has to be SEO-friendly. This means it should have the optimal length for a title, tags, meta descriptions, and many more. It’s imperative that you know the keywords you want and ingrain them seamlessly into your content.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine that you’re searching for information online. It would be best if you add links to other websites as this will help you rank higher on Google. You should link yourself within your own website as well.

Post and share it. Now, it’s time for you to actually share your content on the internet. You can even schedule posts to timeslots wherein there will be more people online. The goal is to engage your audience and make them share your content to their own networks.

You can maximize this by sharing your post not just on your website, but also on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This way, you can widen the reach of your blog.

Veterinary marketing ideas can be a real game-changer for veterinarians. That’s why it’s important to enlist the expertise of a healthcare marketing partner such as imatrix to give yourself a boost.