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Best Concrete Grinding Flooring Options For An Elegant Design

Flooring is an eminent factor to consider while constructing a building or designing. It is the most fundamental element in the establishment of a house.


Being of prime importance, the flooring needs to be framed with something that is sturdy and concrete, suiting the position completely. However, its sturdiness is not the only quality concrete grinding provides. It has proven to be a better alternative in front of floor boarding and tiles on multiple occasions.

One such occasion is its elegant design — its sleek texture can work wonders, be it a residence or a workplace.

Polishing followed by Concrete Grinding

Polishing offers a hint of sophistication to every product. Therefore, this can mostly be found in shopping malls, corporate workplaces, and also in residences. The end product, in any case, will be highly attractive, which will never fail to stun you.

The process entails making six to eight passes on a concrete slab with the help of a concrete grinder. During the initial period, a 40 grit concrete grinder would be enough. Anyway, as time passes, the power needs to increase. In order to get a smooth floor, the final grit must stand at 3000 finish.

It wholly depends on the texture of the concrete as well as the winds of flooring you want. If you believe that you can manage with rough flooring, you might want to employ more delicate pads. If you’re going to get a floor that is as smooth as butter, you will have to use abrasive pads.

Usually, this flooring is not susceptible to any kind of stain. You have to be cautious to mope the floor quite regularly, or the stains might lead to slight discoloration after a prolonged span.

One downside to polishing can be that the shine fades with use. It can call for periodical re-polishing. Therefore, it can come off as an expensive alternative when compared with the rest. It takes up quite a lot of time; it will be beneficial if you take note of that while you prepare for polished flooring.

Epoxy followed by Concrete Grinding

Epoxy is the name of the coating that is preceded by the grinding process. It takes the least time and significantly less workforce. All it requires is one round of grinding and one layer of epoxy over it.

Apart from an initial flooring process, it can also come in handy if the concrete becomes stained. It is cheap and durable, and that is why many people prefer to use epoxy instead of the other two options.

One impeccable website to look for in case of epoxy flooring is

Sealing and Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding and Sealing might appear to be related processes, but the truth is that they come with their differences. It takes a lot less time than polishing. It might cause lesser disturbances or hindrances in your workplace or residence, as it will be easy to get over with.

Less time means less workforce; therefore, the process is also less labor-intensive. Instead of making six to eight passes, this process requires only three to four passes, which will then be followed by two coats — one prime coat and another urethane-based coat.

It is also cheaper than polishing, which can be advantageous if you have a tight budget. Due to its urethane-based coating, it lasts a lot longer than polishing and does not call for frequent buffing. It is also more resistant to stains and does not lead to discoloration so easily.