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Best Social Marketing Design Trends That Brands Are Using Right Now

Social media is a very important platform used by many businesses to market their products and services. To reach online audiences effectively, sometimes eye-catching designs, brand colours, and logos can play an important part. From casino review sites to popular online shopping sites, branding plays an important part in establishing a brand identity and creating an online persona. Whether it’s through engaging infographics or memorable logos, here are just important design factors to consider for promoting a brand on social media.


Standing out on social media platforms

Many businesses are using a variety of different designs to gain attention and awareness on social media. Whether you’re designing something for social media or designing a website, many of the design rules to consider remain the same.

1. Always use the right image sizes

To help ensure that posts are visually appealing on a timeline, it’s useful to research the appropriate sizes of images and graphics before you post them for your audience. Each social media platform has a different size of design it accepts, so it’s important to note down the different dimensions before you start creating a design.

2. Remember that less is more

Simplicity is always the key for many company graphic design projects. Many graphics just need to be straightforward and easy on the eye rather than bold and over the top. Sometimes a less is more approach, like minimalist design, is often a popular design to follow in branding. While you can be creative with social media posts and graphics, it’s best not to overdo it in the process to prevent your post from appearing crowded.

3. Carefully consider your brand colour palette

One of the best tips for great brand designs to follow is to avoid using too many colours in your branding. When thinking about which brand colours to use, usually no more than three are needed. If you’re wanting to recreate your brand colours in print advertising in the future it can be quite expensive, especially if you have too many colours to work with. Take time to consider which colours are appealing and work well together in a palette.

Popular types of social media content being used

Every social media platform is different, but some design concepts remain the same across social media content. While images and text play a big part in social media content, video and infographics also feature a lot too. Using a variety of methods can help deliver new and engaging content for online audiences.

1. Engaging audiences with infographics

Another creative way to engage audiences with social media content is through eye-catching, fun infographics. These can be shared through links on socials or in short graphics can be shared directly on platforms. A wide variety of businesses can use infographics to showcase their expertise and knowledge with exciting colours, fun illustrations, and interesting information. Infographics can be created on a wide variety of topics such as AI chatbots, digital marketing trends in 2021, Instagram Stories tips, safer gambling as this casino review site illustrates and much more.

2. Making the most of Insta Stories

One popular Instagram feature for brands to use at the moment is Instagram Stories. The feature provides a new way for businesses to share social media content for their followers that isn’t just a single image posted on their profile. Design tools like Canva provide a range of Insta Story templates that can help brands create a personalised story to post on the platform. As well as images and templates, the Stories feature can also be the perfect opportunity for brands to share live videos, create polls and Q&A’s, and share other content in a creative way.

3. Incorporating more into a single post

For graphic designers and businesses, there are many new and upcoming social media graphic design trends for 2021 that could be useful to consider. One of the trends to watch out for this year are social media slide decks on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. These are a great visual alternative to a single image that can incorporate more into a single post. Slide decks can be used to highlight multiple products and services a company offers, as well as acting as short guides that contain useful facts, statistics, and information.