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Copywriting Trends to Look Out For In 2021

Copywriting trends are constantly updated. Behavioral factors change, and the task of copywriters is to track changes to achieve the best results. Why is it important to follow copywriting trends?


The topic of trends in copywriting soon may take its place among the best networking presentation topics. Thematic, relevant content attracts a new target audience. Competently and consistently implementing tools, you become competitive. You are imitated, and your opinion is listened to. This article reveals innovations in copywriting expected in 2021.

1. Personalization

In order to achieve maximum performance, it is important to study the customer in detail. In the commercial sphere, it means profit-making, developing social networks, increasing turnover. You need to find out his needs, specifics and goals. Personalization is also understood as a mandatory analysis of the target audience. The more targeted, the better. Mandatory linking should be done to the local market. The copywriter should take into account the increasingly improved search algorithms. Moreover, he needs to try to personalize the message itself. This rule is applied regardless of the type of content. It may be an email newsletter, a message in Instagram Stories, an article in a blog or a description of a product/service on the site. No matter what a copywriter does, no matter what content he prepares, his task is rather simple. He must make it as targeted and personalized as possible in relation to a loyal or potentially attractive target group (audience).

2. Engaging and selling content

In 2020, sales declined in almost all areas. Many people will try to optimize costs, including reviewing advertising campaigns. It is more profitable to hire a professional copywriter, a freelancer who is able to “close” many issues. Such spending and investment of funds is beneficial in terms of the current situation and the global pandemic moving into 2021.

3. Aggressive timely promotion

Not only the turnover and purchasing power of customers decreased. Some businesses have reduced advertising costs, others are trying to save on the development cost and promotion of sites. Some specialists try to save cost on hiring a professional copywriter and write the texts themselves. All this, if you take certain niches of the market, frees up certain shares that will soon be occupied by others. The crisis will pass, but those who are engaged in the promotion and preparation of high-quality texts now will get the profit later.

4. Evidence and trust

Reduced purchasing power is directly proportional to the trust of customers (especially new ones). When a person (as well as a particular business) has less money, he needs any guarantees of the usefulness of the product, or service. He doesn’t want to waste money or, even worse, be cheated. That is why it is fundamentally important to work with customer feedback in 2021, including the negative reviews. You need to collect real reviews in a timely manner, placing them both on your site and on thematic sites.

5. Comprehensive analysis

While preparing useful content, it is important to pay attention to analysis. Great importance is the study of competitors, point analysis of products, market segmentation, and so on. Without all this, you will not be able to prepare material or other text content that causes a response (reader interest). If it was possible before, it is no longer possible now.

Neural networks are learning at an incredible speed. There are already suggestions about the alleged imminent replacement of copywriters by computers. Despite the modernization and progress of the automated mechanisms, they still make a lot of mistakes. So, artificial intelligence will not be able to replace a copywriter in the near future. Making a machine more or less intelligible, but very prim, description requires a lot of computing power. In fact, this is nothing more than a practically unrelated and very free set of phrases. There is no question of any human language, useful content that causes sustained reader interest. Therefore, copywriters can continue to improve their professional skills. Besides the 5 listed trends, the copywriters should pay attention to the following:

Useful content only;

Copywriters must get rid of «water», or invented facts in their texts. Ideally, the text should have a clear structure and verification of all content before writing. The more clear and comprehensive materials you prepare, the greater the chance that the user will not continue his search. Only useful text content can keep the user on the site, which has a positive effect on the site. Thus, it helps to increase the session time on the page/site as a whole.

Maintaining a corporate blog;

It is important to develop a blog on various social media platforms. This is a way to talk in more detail about innovations, demonstrate your expert opinion in a particular issue. With the help of a blog you can be closer to your loyal customers. Moreover, it helps to attract search traffic and new customers. Pay attention to podcasts, Instagram Stories, TikTok, social networks. In each of these seemingly visualized sites, which are in the top trends, there is a place for the help of professional copywriting. It is easy to shoot videos and post them at random. It is much harder to share thoughtful, competent content, compiled in accordance with the content plan. Follow the trends!

Prioritization of commercial offers;

In simple words, an addressed offer is much more effective than a wide email newsletter. Therefore, it is recommended switching to the preparation of high-quality commercial offers.


Stories are an integral part of social media copywriting. They should be told in an interesting way. Detailed, informative materials with real examples and photos can arouse readers’ interest. This also includes the so-called history of the brand (company). This kind of longreads is very effective and eventually gets into the top of the search results for a long time.

Increasing importance of websites mobile version;

For various reasons, Google did not have time to fully switch to mobile-first indexing. Having launched the mechanism back in 2018, the company gradually honed and improved it. However, many people still consider the transition to mobile versions in the natural search results to be a too drastic step. After all, despite a significant increase in the mobile traffic segment, the desktop versions of sites continue to be the main ones. Approximately in spring 2021, Google is going to make a complete and final transition. Of course, if there is no date change. In any case, it is strongly recommended putting the mobile versions of the sites in order.

Work of a copywriter in coordination with an SEO specialist;

Not all professionals are generalists. Features of website promotion abound. It is important not just to write and then place the text on the site page/blog. It is crucial that you periodically check the result. At the same time, it is required to perform SEO optimization to get the best indicators. In terms of results, you should focus on relevance and technical parameters. They are structure, availability of keywords, meta tags, and etc.

Extended semantics;

The semantic core should be developed not only taking into account the topic, but also the specifics of a particular client and business. Nowadays you will need the experience, qualifications and knowledge of a professional copywriter. You must be aware of how to implement keys based on updated algorithms and neural networks. It is important not just to take and include key queries, but to dilute them with thematic analogues, phrases, and contextual phrases. However, there is a fine line here in order not to go into the so-called water content of the text, as well as not to move away from several main keys.

Updating the skills and knowledge of the copywriter;

If the specialist involved in the preparation of texts does not take into account the aspects, the result of his work is known in advance. If we are talking about commercial texts, it is not superfluous to be well versed in at least the basics of online marketing.

User-generated content.

More and more attention is paid to sites where users themselves can create content. The trend is unambiguous and stable, which will help those who want to invest in the creation of a promising website/service.


As the past year has shown, there are few professional copywriters as a percentage. Having lost their jobs or significantly reduced the workload at the main job, some inexperienced people began to write texts. Is it worth dwelling on the fact that the increase in low-level services has convinced many customers that there are no professionals? The transfer of services to online, the increase in the number of online stores has increased exponentially. Most of them need help in preparing high-quality texts. Therefore, the demand for intelligent copywriters (commercial writers) is still high. Carefully study the trends, follow copywriting news and reach new heights!