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Elegant concrete cutting patterns for your patio

The patio is not a new addition to houses. It has been a part of homes for a longer time than we think. Different names were used for it. Coming back to the present, patios have become an indispensable part of modern backyards.


People with money and space don’t shy away from doing or even redoing their patio. Why shouldn’t they? There are so many fantastic patio design ideas, available online after all. Take a reliable provider like, for example.

So, if you share the same passion for beautifully crafted patios as we do, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the concrete cutting patterns offered by a concrete company like this one at Here are some elegant options to enhance your patio’s appeal.

Go after herringbone

We know that the name confuses you a little bit. You can trust us when we say you have seen a herringbone pattern before, though. In this pattern, the vertical brick’s end will touch the horizontal brick’s side at a right angle. This is supposed to make an L shape.

The overall pattern resembles the skeleton of a fish, and it is pretty energizing to look at. It is an ancient design and the strongest one as well. The herringbone pattern can easily take heavy weights without crushing bricks underneath the surface. So, go after herringbone.

Keep it simple

If you misunderstand simple for boring, you’re making a big mistake. Simple can be classic and strong. So, keep it simple with the traditional bricklaying. The bricks are laid one after the other in a perfect line. It is all done vertically.

This gives a look of a more extended patio. You don’t need to be cutting bricks for this pattern. Overall, it is very minimalist, and you can accentuate with other decorations on your patio if you like.

Try brick edging

If you have plants on your patio, you have to try brick edging. It is as straightforward as it sounds. You have to surround the area of the plants with bricks. These bricks are laid with a strong cohesion to the surface of your patio.

The brick edging must match the design and pattern of the surface of your patio. This pattern is suitable for your plants as it saves them from various insects.

Do it with a whorl

If you have a patio in round shape, you have to do it with a whorl. This gives an illusion of a more significant area and renders a very modern look. The bricks are settled in a way that they create a whirl pattern. You can use one color, and it will look suitable for this style.

However, experimenting with different colors of bricks will give an edge to your patio. You can even go for different shades of the same color. When you are done with the design, you can always look up decorating ideas for your new whorl pattern patio. Cute furniture complements this setting very well.

Implement a running bond

It might not sound very fashionable, but we suggest you implement a running bond pattern for your patio. This is one of the oldest ways of laying bricks. It is tough and looks classy, no matter what. Those are the two main things that you want your patio to look like.

If you don’t believe us, we urge you to check out They have some amazing ideas on how to do your patio.

These were all the ideas that we had about elegant concrete cutting patterns for your patio. Hope you liked them.