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Here is How Dash Cam Will Help You After a Car Accident

As we all know, the benefits of Dash Cams are ever evolving. They offer you piece of mind when driving, constant surveillance and the opportunity to reduce your insurance fees. The newest and most raved about use for a Dash Cam is its ability to record footage in those tricky situations.



Dash Cams such as have been designed with your safety in mind. Their ability to record all the journeys you take and the time out of your car has been revolutionary. They are able to capture all car activities, then these are either stored on the device or they work with an app so you can have all your videos in one, easy to reach location.


As these devices are quite moderately priced, anyone with a car or that uses their vehicles regularly, should definitely invest. This is especially relevant for any user that has worries of potential road accidents that may occur. Having a mounted dashboard camera is a great way for you to cover yourself and others on the road in case of injury and accidents.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much is a video worth? By purchasing a dash cam you are able to catch some of the crazy obstacles that you may be faced with on the road. This also irradiates the unknown, particularly when it comes to road accidents or injuries as you have all the footage on film.


Never again can a reckless driver get away with providing incorrect information. This helps irradiate any form of vehicle fraud or misinformation to the authorities. If can help you, or other nearby drivers get the justice you deserve.


It has become a widely preferred majority that now insist on having a Dash Cams installed whenever they drive. This alone highlights their worthiness and it has started to be rewarded financially via insurance reductions of up to 30%.


The reason insurance companies are so interested in this technology is because they too can ensure that their drivers are practicing road safety. This helps them to increase their own records and ensures that the correct payments are made relevant to the claims they receive.


The footage captured via dash cams can help you prove your innocence in road accidents, or even be used by the police to capture unsafe drivers. After an accident occurs you can help those involved to get justice.


As a driver it is an inevitable that you will witness an accident on the road. Whilst it is hoped that this is not serious, if you have a Dash Cam your footage can be invaluable.


If you are involved in an accident then you can use this for proof of a claim, making your argument more viable. If you witness another person in an accident then you can offer your footage to them to help them with their own claims. If the accident is more serious, then you may be required to share your footage with the authorities too.


Please be aware that if you witness a low-level car accident, you are not required to stop and offer assistance. These are considered everyday accidents that can be easily resolved by the people in question. However, if you do have a change of heart at a later date you can provide the footage to the authorities. Please ensure that you capture the correct date and time, usually these are already included on the video.


Please see the protocol for what you should do if you are involved in a car accident –


  1. Stop the car.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Turn on your hazard lights when possible.
  4. Check that everyone in the car is okay. If anyone is hurt you should call the police, if not then make a note of this regardless.
  5. Keep calm and never admit liability or apologies until you are sure.
  6. You should then exchange details with the other party involved. Insure that you collect the registration plate, full names and addresses, insurance company names and who the car is insured under etc.
  7. Gather all of your evidence.
  8. Always call your insurer.


The ways a Dash Cam can aid with this is that it can gather all the evidence you need with ease. The camera can possibly get the registration details too, depending on where it is placed and the angle of the accident. In essence, the information it can provide could give you most to the things you need to make a claim without having to speak to another person.


This is important in hit and run situations, or if you get an angry or aggressive driver that you might not be comfortable communicating with. Dash cams remove all the unknown from accidents and can be enough for you to get the justice you deserve in a road accident situation.