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How to Add Animal Prints To Your Home Décor 


The use of animal prints for interior décor is an age-long idea. In the olden days, people (particularly hunters) often hang various animal skins on their walls. These animal hides are not only a sign of bravery. They are also ways to decorate their walls to make them more attractive.


Animals are a huge part of our world. Each animal symbolizes something unique, and diverse parts of the world prefer different animals. Each culture has inferences attributed to animals.

Animal prints or wall arts are an excellent way to improve your home décor. Besides the beauty they add to your wall, you can also pass crucial messages. You can use animal prints and arts in various forms.

You can opt for animal skin designs for various surfaces, including your walls. The actual animal print is also a great way to add the design. You can use captured images from animal photography or an abstract painting.

Regardless of the type you choose to use, animal prints are inspirational and eye-catching. They also add consistent patterns and decorative accents to your home décor. Besides, they are not only available for wall décors alone. You can also use them for home textiles, furniture covers, and other decorative elements.

Check out some of the best ways to add animal prints to your home décor for different rooms.

1.Living Rooms 

Animal prints can fit various surfaces in your living room. They can leave dramatic statements and redefine your decorative inflection. Keep in mind that your living room is the first point of contact within your home for guests. So, it is crucial to leave an impressive statement.

You can use various animal wall arts for your living room walls. The wall arts can be abstract animal paintings or beautiful images captured in animal photography.

If you need to cover large surfaces, consider using animal skin prints. Leopard and zebra skin prints are the most common types. They give consistent flow and offer some of the best decorative options.

The flexibility of these prints makes them suitable for various surfaces. You can use these animal skin prints for living room walls. You can use its textile for furniture covers, and they are also great options for the floor.


A bedroom is a place for relaxation and quality sleep. So, the interior décor of this room should suit the purpose. Imagine staring at some beautiful aquarium paintings or some sublime bird paintings before going to bed.

Feels great, right?

There are many ways you can integrate this feeling into your bedroom with animal designs. You can use superb, soothing, and blissful wall arts of non-scary animals. Also, you can use animal prints for walls and textiles.

Covering furniture surfaces with these animal print textiles is excellent too. The floor covering can be animal patterns as well. You can add more specificity by including wild colors like purple and neon to your room décor.


The kitchen has lots of surfaces that can accommodate your animal art prints. You can make animal skin print your table and cabinet decorator. You can also hang animal wall arts on your kitchen walls. Other kitchen wares like plate mats, barstool seats, fruit bowls, and table runners can also take up various animal print designs.

4.Home Office 

Giving special attention to your home office décor can enhance productivity. It gives you a soothing feeling that can improve effectiveness at work. You can enjoy the beauty to help you get overwork rigor.

Animal wall arts are a great way to add animal designs to your home office. You can use animal prints on the walls and various furniture covers. Think of creating wild desks or chairs with leopard or zebra prints.


The animal world is a deep space of endless exploration. Animals are iconic, and their prints can take your home décor to a whole new level. You can use animal wall arts, abstract paintings, or actual animal photography.

There are several ways to add animal designs to various homerooms. You can use animal wall arts and animal prints and patterns on walls, floors, and other surfaces. They can also come in textile prints as furniture covers. Some home accessories can take up flexible animal design patterns.

Besides the rooms listed above, you can still add animal designs to other areas. These areas include the hallway, staircase, bathroom, and foyer. Feel free to explore!