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Marketing Trends That Are Going To Stay In 2021

The daily question of a normal marketer at the beginning of the working day sounds like this: what else can I do to make my company earn more. That’s a million dollar question. If you are in the same spot as a regular marketer mentioned above, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will talk about the latest trends that can be perfect in 2021. We analyzed the trends that are becoming our reality in 2021.


Omni-channel V multi-channel system

Multichannel experiences are what most companies invest in today. Website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Companies use each of the platforms to reach as many customers as possible. However, the client often lacks usability and sequential messaging through each of these channels.

The omnichannel approach, on the other hand, unites all platforms and devices that the client will use to interact with the company. All the knowledge gained is used to create a complex perception. Companies using this concept combine the capabilities, goals, objectives and design of each channel and device.

Integration audio messages and video distribution increased percentage

Have you seen how Gen Z and later Ys communicate? I’m serious! Think about how to integrate audio messaging and video marketing into your work. Analyze rooms in the Clubhouse, connect voice searches.

Building a community around your brand

Connecting users around a product can be the most profitable promotion concept for a business. The main idea of ​​the community is the communication of people, the exchange of useful information. To create additional value, increase brand confidence, and nurture a loyal audience – these are far from all the benefits of a high-quality community.

Twitch streaming

Video marketing is getting more recognition. Twitch streaming became trendy in the first quarter of 2020. It was because of the pandemic and how people reacted to the lockdown. It seems that Twitch growth was immense and now people liked streaming or watching those live broadcasts. That’s why you should focus more energy on Twitch as a new channel of getting traffic.


Hire T-shaped employees. In the 1980s, the term was used by McKinsey to describe someone who has deep professional skills in one area (vertical stick of the letter T) and is able to collaborate with experts in other areas, being able to apply this knowledge to work (horizontal stick). Therefore, now – in 2021, it is more relevant than ever to work with T-shaped employees, and to outsource or outsource all non-specialized projects.

AR and immersive technologies

A-Reality has long ceased to be something sharp, but it continues its expansion into our life and makes a new round of its development. In February 2021, several banks announced that they had adopted this technology, and soon we will see advertising posters come to life in their branches. AR tours, trying on a dress or changing furniture in an apartment? Immersive technologies will develop by leaps and bounds!

Crowd marketing for solving big problems

The moment when the small efforts of thousands of people work for global business tasks. Need to tell further?

The task of increasing the search engine results? Give the link to the “crowd”, You need to raise the rating – ask the audience for a small review.


The era of digital technologies has come and they need to be implemented. We use digitalization to

  1. make current business and operational processes more efficient
  2. Create cool products at the intersection of offline and online technologies (examples of retailers, Uber and Amazon)