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Scandinavian Style: A More Comfortable And Warm Interpretation Of Minimalism

This Nordic style has to do with simplicity, relaxation, well-defined contours, functionality, utility, grace and refinement. From minimalism to accessories that cover the space, from natural materials to maximum intensity light, all this fit into Scandinavian interiors, creating a unitary, beautiful and comforting look.


Scandinavian design represents a movement that appeared in 1950 in the five Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The idea that everyday aesthetic and functional objects should not be accessible only to the rich, but to all those who want to procure them, is a favorite theme in the development of Scandinavian design after World War II.

A Nordic style house means taking advantage of what already exists (old furniture, wooden frames) and including simple, natural elements that complement the original look, taking care that everything is natural and emanates warmth, freshness and order. The key to success is simplicity, color stains (if white seems too difficult to maintain) and minimalist furniture.

The Scandinavian decorative style allows for unfinished pieces, the abundance of natural fabrics, being one of the most relaxed interior design styles. It lacks aggressive chromatic and stylistic accents, being suitable for all age categories and extremely practical and easy to adapt. Precisely for these reasons, in recent years, Scandinavian-style interior design has become an increasingly attractive and popular option.

Scandinavian style colors

This style showcases a true cult of natural light spread throughout the home. It is everywhere: on the walls, floors, in carpentry, most pieces of furniture keeping the same shade of milky color. This color makes the interiors look fresh, clean and airy. The characteristic palette of this style is also composed of pastel shades such as: butter color, shades of beige, cream, straw yellow and light gray.

In addition, small and discreet chromatic accents such as shades of green, turquoise, cherry or amber can be used. It is recommended to opt for colors like pink and blue. Although the floor is also usually painted white, you can also choose a gray, wenge, or light shade of brown.

The simplest and most common chromatic approach in Nordic-style interiors is the use of at most two or three colors – such as white and blue or white and green. In any of the variants, the basic color will be white, the colors in the second or third planes being used only as a chromatic accent in the form of decorative accessories, a piece of furniture or a painted wall. The accent color, used sparingly, will add a soft note to the “all white” interior.

The walls and ceiling can also be painted in neutral, pastel, generally soothing colors. For an ethereal look you can paint, for example, the ceiling in blue. The tones of yellow, turquoise, beige and brown also blend harmoniously, giving an inner shine and a unitary look.

Scandinavian inspired furniture

First of all, the furniture should neither be „too much”, with many ornaments, nor very massive. However, it should be a roomy one, in light or pastel colors. Extremely important for Scandinavians is ecology, the ability to recycle anything without hesitation. You will often find combinations of wooden tables, bodies with metal drawers and many shelves, for a better organization. The lines and organic shapes of the pieces are calm and simple, reminiscent of the simple minimalism. This creates a cozy atmosphere and the feeling of space – so important in any home.

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Invest in furniture with timeless quality and nice design. Simple furniture, easy to handle and maintain, minimalist and multifunctional, most often in shades of white, cream or beige is specific to this Nordic theme. The pieces of furniture must take up as little space as possible, while offering maximum comfort. From the design point of view, they must have as simple lines as possible, and should be easily accessorized by adding a few decorative elements.

Another important detail of this style is utility. The Scandinavian style is defined by the intelligent combination of elements, without overloading the decor with unnecessary and shrill elements. Whatever you do, don’t crowd the house with furniture, even if it perfectly fits in the decor.

Moreover, the Scandinavian style is a sociable one, that’s why, in Nordic homes, you will always find a comfortable sofa for friends, with colorful pillows and other pieces of seating furniture. Decorate the sofa with pillows to create a warm and relaxing refuge but also a place with a fresh air. For a splash of color, you can go for shades of purple and cherry with traditional Scandinavian motifs.

Hygge” (pronounced “Hue-gah”) is probably the secret ingredient of the common sense Scandinavian lifestyle. Probably, in this single word, we can sum up a large part of what we have described above. It is a way to characterize the joy of simple and true things in life. Originally a Norwegian word, it is now widely used in Denmark. It’s about the simple, everyday pleasures that nourish the soul: from a beautiful design, a walk, to the time spent with a friend or even enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself.

Last but not least, the Scandinavian style is eco-friendly. Triple-layered windows, thermal insulation for walls and roofs, solar panels, heating systems through technologies that use surface geothermal energy are elements embedded in the construction of Nordic homes.

In conclusion, the Scandinavian style can be characterized very simply, by just three words – originality, warmth and cheerfulness.