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Secrets of Designing Click-Worthy Social Media Content

To become successful on Instagram, you need to count on many factors. There are many details to remember, and many things to be done. Being a creator takes much time too. Some people think that buying automatic Instagram likes on would be enough to secure the growth of the blog, but this is a totally wrong statement. Without having compelling content, you will not make the automatic likes work as they should. Thus, the subject of this article is, how to make your content bring good results.



The art of taking good pictures is perfectly obtainable nowadays. There are a lot of classes that showcase different genres of photography, and even specific courses for social media photography by smartphone. For bloggers, it is highly important to have a clue about the basics of photography so your performance will improve. Here are the classic features that you should take care of:

  • Composition
  • Color correction
  • Posing
  • Retouching

Users highly appreciate high-quality content as well, so this can motivate you to get better gear, even if you take photos on your phone. For starters, you should get a tripod and light devices, that will help you to enhance the pics on the go.

Editing skills

This matter concerns both still and video content. To make your works look more professional, you will need to get some skills in editing your shots.

When it comes to the retouch of the photos, the first thing to remember is that in general, the community is nowadays against it. Modifying facial and body features are considered a useless thing to do. The polished look from the magazine cover is not a trend anymore. For your subscribers, it can look like a lie too, if you do too much retouching. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must upload photos strictly as-is. Hiding an occasional pimple or fixing a bad fold on your clothes is totally ok. Minor changes, that do not crook your real-life looks, wouldn’t bother anyone.

In video-making, your primary task would be to wield a perfect montage skill. Shortly, this is the way you combine the original material and rework it to achieve the closest realization of your idea.

For both videos and photos, you must learn color correction. As the editing technologies develop, many apps have appeared on the market, with or without a charge. Many of them offer filters that can be applied instead of manual correction of the shot. Mostly, they have a similar range of options that can enhance the picture:

  • Filter gallery
  • Manual correction tools, e.g. contrast, brightness, sharpness settings, and so on.
  • Cropping and shaping
  • Stickers and frames
  • Font gallery
  • Insertion of sounds and music (video editing programs)
  • Blending and drawing

Some of these apps can be partially free, and some may require a paid subscription. The decision is up to you, so you should find one app that works best for your content. Keep in mind, that users like consistency in the visual key of a particular profile.


Finding click-worthy content may seem a hard task. But in fact, being a successful blogger means getting ideas for posts and stories in everything that surrounds you. The key is that your real life has to be full of events and interesting things. And then comes your ability to turn it all into an interesting story to share with your followers.

Another way to get ideas is looking through the feeds of top influencers in your niche. It doesn’t mean that you can steal their content. But this would be helpful research that will give you an understanding of user preferences in certain industries. Check out the comment section, read and learn. Also, this practice may help you to avoid some beginner mistakes.


Even the simplest photo or video becomes more interesting to users due to the background it has. The story behind the picture is what gives it sense. The content can be very stylish and shot in the highest quality, but without your personal attitude, it will look like a stock picture and that’s all. Your task is to bring a story to your content. The ground rule here is – be sincere. People can easily detect if you are being dishonest with them. Share things you really appreciate, and your audience will gain more like-minded members.

It is okay to take inspiration from trendy posts, that are popular among the influencers in your niche but to make it work for you, take an effort in looking at the trend from another angle. Creating authentic things of common ideas is a good strategy for beginners, as it requires less time to be released, yet such type of content has to be diluted with unique posts.


In order to reach success, any blogger has to think about how to increase his or her engagement rate. There are many methods to do that, and they vary depending on the chosen social platform. But having good visuals along with a touching story is quite a universal way to bond with the audience. For providing the best rate of engagement, you need to make your content related to the audience you have. This is why the importance of being sincere cannot be stressed enough. When people can associate you with their own experience or their expectations of life, it works for your rating. And along with that, keep up the communication with the viewers as much as the platform allows it to be.

Keeping The Aesthetics

For users, it is important to see consistency in everything, including the style of your posts. Making your content in the same design is what makes it recognizable, thus it can be easily found and explored by new users. The choice of stylistic options depends on things like:

  • The topic of your blog/type of the products you sell
  • Your personal preference
  • The design of props you have

For out-door shooting, both video and photo, you have to choose a few filters or manual adjustments, for different weather and light. Many apps offer to save the settings you like, so with time, editing the materials in your style will take less time and you will also learn to plan ahead your stylistic decisions.


The main goal of any creator is to make his social media content engaging. And one must remember, that most of all users appreciate the authenticity and the story behind the visuals. So if you want to create really click-worthy content, you must learn how to produce the highest-quality raw material, and turn it into a compelling post.