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Top 4 UX Practices for User Retention


The apps are websites, and the other online services are solely based upon the user experience it is offering to the visitors. Hence, most of the popular platforms and even the non-popular ones are highly focused on improving the UX. Whether it is an application or a website, a UX helps it to emerge as a highly productive one which is very useful to target a higher conversion rate. Studies show that a maximum of users stop using an app within the first few days of downloading it if they find it not so attractive or difficult. This is why the ultimate goal for all the apps and websites should be to create a much rewarding user experience for their platform. A robust UX agency can help you much to achieve a great UX. Here are some of the best practices that you should use to ensure the best user retention. Have a look:


The first impression is the last impression!

Not sure how much it is applicable for real life, but when it comes to creating the UX experience in the virtual world, it is definitely highly reliable. It is the goal of each one to create an app that is highly attractive and impressive for the users. The apps should be able to make a user experience that can blow their mind at the very beginning when they discover you.

Thus while you go to design the UX for your application, make sure that you are ensuring a balance in the design. The UX of this app needs to be flawless and easy to work with. Keep only the necessary information and allow your users to skip the pages so that they can save their time conveniently.  Add easy navigation, which can help your user to explore the app completely. An easy user interface is rightly going to impress your user, which is great to create a much positive impression and ideal for user retention.

Never go out of the feedback loop:

The feedback option in your application or on your website can help you to create brilliant credibility. It is important to maintain trust and reliability with your online presence. While your users try to communicate with you, the feedback will give them access to it.

If a user is involved in adding feedback to your service or takes part in performing some action, then it can help in building up trust. A very good example of the feedback loop is Apple’s horizontal shake. As you enter the wrong password to your phone, the iPhone shakes it back and forth. It helps the user to understand what the problem is. Adding this to your application ensures more functionality to your UX, which is helpful for ensuring a great experience over your platform.

Consider redesigning:

Your user retention is not only based on how you are creating your UX or what you are adding to it; rather, it is more focused on the strategies you are using to implement it. To ensure the static growth of your UX, it is better to redesign and improve your UX, which you can generate from the feedback and suggestions of your user. As an application is under development, it uses the Minimal Viable Product, which helps to grain the early feedback, which ensures better growth.

While designing, it is important to implement the changes which do not disrupt the flow; rather, it makes the application more useful. The basic idea that you should implement is, get feedback for your product which defines your design and your business perspective.

Ensure user interaction:

To improve user retention on your site, you can add some simple changes to it. Adding the live chat can help you to have a virtual desk table that helps you to solve your queries quickly and conveniently.  Thus the live chat services are much trending. At the same time, focus on building loyalty for your users to strengthen your retention.  Also, you can add proper areas to add comments and feedback so that they can communicate and connect with you.


Whether you want to create a highly intuitive mobile application or you want to make sure that you’re connecting properly with your audiences, it is important to pay attention to your UX. Through the user-retention technique using the best UX practices, you can ensure a great experience on your platform which is worth appreciating.