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Top 6 Struggles of Being an Art Student

A student’s life is never boring. Very few of those who graduated can tell you it is not true. While there is a significant number of fields in which students are involved, the way how people spend university life is most common for the vast majority. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. One such exception is art students who have so many peculiarities that others cannot even imagine.


Being an art student is a hell of a challenge. If someone thinks that it is all about simply painting on a canvas or working with a photo editor, then they are definitely wrong. Like any other discipline, art encompasses many activities, which, in turn, generates struggles that you can learn about in this article.

In search of inspiration

Inspiration is something that occurs spontaneously and cannot be planned. There is no explanation of how one should lure it. That is why art students who need inspiration have to cut off themselves from the mainstream of society. After that, they can concentrate on deliberation.

Such a struggle may sound a little unserious, but the devil is always in the details. Finding the source of inspiration can make the project progress grow substantially. Without it, an art student is destined to be looking for the right approach to making art and be dissatisfied in the end.

Messy work environment

Oil and acrylic paints, nylon and polyester brushes, canvases, remnants of used materials, odds and ends… This list can last long, meaning that the artist’s workplace is usually not a cozy, warm home but an art studio where everything is on the fingertips. A workplace is a sacred place for any art student where they sometimes even sleep, eat, and work without any interruptions. Such a scenario is actually pretty common, as it takes so much time to work with a single piece of art, taking into account the fact that the student cannot just bring it home.

Transportation difficulties

One more function of art studios is being a treasure house for all sorts of projects, big and small, which are sometimes needed to be moved to exhibitions and various presentations. It is no wonder that students have to know some professional art movers who can deal with moving artworks on time. When the deadline is approaching, it is better to have their phone numbers in the contact list in order not to get into trouble.

Finding good supplies

Supplies for art students are as valuable as musical instruments for musicians and sports equipment for sportsmen. The higher the quality of art supplies, the subtler, superior, and more professional the work will look. On the contrary, low-quality tools and materials only affect the project adversely.

This struggle also relates to the complication of finding the right commodity at a reasonable price. If you live in a big city, then you won’t find it difficult at all; but if you are a resident of a small town, then you better save money for a rainy day.

Numerous outfits

Strange as it may sound, but that is a real-life struggle for many art students. While other students just do some laundry from time to time, art students’ clothes, including special outfits for painters, are much more often exposed to paint contamination. Believe us, it is nearly impossible to wash it, so you should either buy new clothing or use it as your work outfit in the future.

Lack of free time

Lack of free time is a disaster for all students, often quite individual though. As mentioned above, art students tend to spend lots of time in their art studios, which severs the connection between home and people. Referring to such changes, we can see that not only free time is shrinking but also the way art students use it.

When we are talking about art students, we mean young men and women who have a charmed life. And there is a chance that such an environment makes them so special and creative. In spite of these struggles, the life of art students is a colorful journey that they paint by themselves.