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What A Successful Designer Will Never Do In His Work

Whether to hire a designer or not – this question comes up before many who start repairing. “I can handle myself, it’s expensive, I don’t need a creative project” – only a small part of objections that stop people from hiring a professional. To understand if a designer is needed, you need to decide what tasks you want to solve with the help of this specialist.


Why do I need a designer?

The first thing a designer can help with is making a convenient work plan with a description of what follows and when it should be done. Secondly, a professional will help you to follow the estimate and keep you from impulsive decisions that may go beyond the budget. After all, a successful repair can not be done without a proper planning. And most importantly. If you want to live in a space that really reflects your spirit and mood, and satisfies all your desires, then you definitely need a designer. He does not find beautiful illustrations with a ready, but foreign interior, and creates a project with a unique whole idea that suits you.

Save money with the help of a designer

“Hiring a designer is a pleasure available only to wealthy people,” – this is what most people think. Let’s try to find out if it is so. Savings can be understood in different ways: a professional will not advise you to use cheap and often low-quality materials. A good specialist will find the best combination of cost and quality, and will also fit into the budget. The designer in practice knows about the properties of different building materials and will tell you how they will behave in the process of operation and whether their cost is justified. Therefore, you will be able to avoid irreparable mistakes and unnecessary expenses. And also stores and salons provide special discounts for designers, which will also help you to meet your budget. As for the cost of designer work, it will vary from the qualification of a specialist and his fame, as well as the area of the room where the work will be held. For example, with small rooms it is more difficult to work and the cost may be higher. Also the price may depend on the complexity of the project: whether it is necessary to redesign, plan for the installation of partitions, arrangement of furniture, visualization in 3D or sketch, author’s supervision over the project.

Stages of the designer’s work

First, you together with the designer will examine the apartment. The kitchen remodeling contractor carefully measures everything, be sure to listen to your wishes, ideas and suggestions. Then the work on creation of the project will begin. To show how everything will be implemented, you may be offered a design project sketch by hand, collage or 3D visualization. When everything is agreed, it will be time to work on a working project for builders with technical requirements. At the final stage there will be a selection of furniture items and accessories with their cost and brands.

What won’t a designer do?

The most important thing that the designer will not do is to impose on you creative and unusual ideas that are unsuitable for life. Such things may be suitable for television projects to raise ratings, and real professionals think in the categories of functionality, harmony and ergonomics. The specialist will not just “play” with colours, fabrics and accessories, but will create a drawing, layout, will operate with building standards and define the requirements for space. The designer will not guess your desires and will not try to read your thoughts. The client must have a pretty clear understanding of what he wants, and warn of budget constraints. So before you start, the designer will find out all the desires and needs to create your space.