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What are the Best Types of Landscapes to Photograph?

Whether you are a budding, aspiring photographer or a professional, you no doubt already know there are many different genres of photography. Almost anything can be the subject of your next photo project, no matter how mundane or everyday it might seem at first. Many photographers often find inspiration in photographing landscapes, as the world around us is home to so many incredible sights.


If you click on any online photo sharing website, you’ll see a huge range of landscape photography to draw inspiration from for your next photography project. With that in mind, here are some of the best kinds of landscapes to capture on camera.

What is a landscape?

A landscape is often defined as the visible features of an area of land and its landforms. Most landscapes are categorized into three types. Flat landscapes are everywhere we look, including farms, cities and other types of flat land. A large portion of the landscapes we see on a daily basis are likely to be flat landscapes, including your local town or city.

Mountain landscapes are also a popular category to photograph thanks to their majestic appearance and towering heights. This can include mountain ranges, with rivers, forests and villages included in their vicinity. Typically they will be full of lush greenery at the bottom before giving way to the colder temperatures the higher they go.

Similarly, coastal landscapes can include cliffs, seascapes and any type of seaside town or village. These landscapes can be magnificent and awe-inspiring, with crashing waves creating a great effect especially for photography.

Types of landscapes that are great for photographing

It is often the world’s extreme landscapes that make for the best photos, although you should take great care in accessing these places and make sure you are safe. Accidents can happen especially in areas of extreme heat or cold, so it’s important to be prepared for every eventuality.


The world is filled with spectacular deserts that make for some incredible photos, so long as you know what you’re doing. The most famous is the Sahara Desert in Africa, which is the largest hot desert on the earth. There is also the Gobi Desert in China, which is home to the largest dinosaur fossil reservoir in the world.

There are also cold deserts which are often forgotten about, including the Antarctic Desert although it is incredibly inhabitable.

Mountain ranges

To photograph mountain ranges, often you don’t need to climb the mountains at all. You can get great perspectives from down on the ground, or by hiring a helicopter or other such vehicle to get a good view. Of course, if you want to attempt climbing, then it’s imperative you do your research and go with an official expedition team for your safety.

The Andes in South America are the longest continental mountain range in the world, home to volcanoes, grassland, lakes and more. There are also the Himalayas in India, which have more than 100 peaks rising through the clouds. Africa is home to the Atlas Mountains, running across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Each is home to its own set of wildlife and fascinating ecosystems.


Rainforests are the world’s oldest living ecosystems, and some have survived for millions of years. When you think of a rainforest, you no doubt automatically think of the Amazon, but there are more to discover too. The Congo Rainforest in Africa and the Daintree Rainforest in Australia are also great examples of areas to discover.

There are two main types of rainforest, including tropical and temperate. Rainforests can also sometimes be home to complex ecosystems and indigenous communities that have survived for centuries.