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What Tools Are The Best For A Startup?


The creation of the company demands patience and persistence. Startups mean, first of all, a limited budget and a small team. Therefore, the selection of successful programs and applications for business can smooth many acute angles in the organization of various processes. The tools given in this article will help to organize various processes when there is a lot of tasks, and the qualified professionals aren’t enough.



To help the manager and accountant, a service has been created that generates financial reports on key items and tracks payments and funds movements. Thanks to BotKeeper, a startup can grow from 1 to 100 people without an impressive staff of accountants and without turning to an outsourcing organization.


Kissmetrics is the system of analytics that monitors the activity of visitors to your website from the very first visit, including conversion and more. Regular customers form the basis of sales in any business, that is why tracking interactions is so important. You will be able to estimate the efficiency of your startup, calculate a funnel of sales, load reports on the deduction of clients, receive a detailed analysis of the visitors’ actions on your website. Thanks to Kissmetrics it is convenient to choose various settings, which will help to increase the conversion of the website.


Hotjar is the technology responsible for visualizing the behavior of users on the website that allows businessmen to see the most visited segments and to increase sales. Thanks to site maps Hotjar offers, you will see what your clients click frequently, what draws their attention, at what stage they lose interest in the page. This service is an invaluable assistant to growing startups.


You may already be familiar with this resource. If not, try it, and you will be surprised pleasantly: infographics, design of landings, presentations, mailings, invitations, posts on social networks can be created literally in two clicks. An impressive library of styles, fonts, forms, and illustrations helps create graphic projects for the web and for printing on a professional level. The possibility of teamwork and image exchange is also implemented. Need to make replacement banners? This is also possible with the help of Canva.


Social networks are important for business – all of us understand this. But it usually takes a lot of time, which for a startup can be critical during a period of growth. The Buffer service can post publications on your behalf on a variety of platforms in prime time – when you are busy, and potential customers are just viewing the feed on the social network. The service is equipped with analytics, which will provide you with reports on activity in social networks and help you adjust your promotion strategy.


Creation of the animated videos and the presentations without the regular designer? It is possible for those who utilize this tool! Now any boring instruction can be turned into a fascinating video thanks to PowToon service. Such companies as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Google for creation of the videos already use this tool. Users without skills in design and programming can create presentations and videos on the basis of ready templates this service offers.


Management of projects will become much simpler and more transparent with the ClickUp service. Another great thing is that this service is integrated with such popular platforms, as Slack, GitHub, JIRA, and Todoist. The ClickUp tools will make it easy for you to keep all aspects under control, including the planning of tasks, content, design, activity in social networks.

The crown jewel of our rating is a free online invoice generator called Those who sell goods/services frequently know how difficult it can be to prepare all the invoices manually. With, it won’t be of any problem for you anymore! Intuitively understandable interface, a variety of different options for customization of your invoices – with this tool, you can make an ordinary document a real work of art! You can also add a brand logo, choose different colors and ready-made templates. Check free invoice generator


Both for startups and for experienced companies, work organization is of huge importance. In the modern world, there is no need to utilize old-fashioned traditions and approaches. A variety of helpful tools will make everything much easier and much more convenient. Analytics systems, project management tools, invoice generators – all of those are now available. Hopefully, this article was useful for you. Having implemented the tools we recommend, you will be pleasantly surprised.