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What You Should Know When Choosing Door Locks


People buy locks for two main reasons: to prevent unauthorized access to a protected area or to prevent theft of something valuable. Whether you’re upgrading old or damaged locks, getting new locks for your new home, or simply want to secure your property, you need to select the right door lock and know what you are looking for when buying.



Recognizing which one is burglar-proof is vital to ensure enhanced security in your home. The right lock should be resistant to picking, drilling, cutting, and kick-ins, most importantly, be part of a holistic security solution. That means even the best and most secure locks need to be combined with other security measures to ensure comprehensive security.

Below are some points to keep in mind when choosing a door lock.

Where Do You Want to Install the Lock?

When selecting a door lock for your home, the first thing to consider before purchasing is where you will be installing it. Many homeowners ignore this small fact, but the truth is, it dictates whether your home will be safe or at risk of unauthorized entry. Locks installed on the exterior like those on entry and back doors are different from those installed indoors because they demand a high-security level.

If you’re buying exterior door locks, locksmith Calgary services recommend opting for corrosion-resistant door locks materials like stainless steel to protect against the elements. Additionally, nickel-plated brass locks are also suitable for outdoor use. Get the right exterior locks because they are exposed and at a higher risk of damage due to burglary.

What Type of Door Lock Do You Need?

With different door locks available, it’s critical to understand what kinds of locks suit your security needs. For instance, deadbolts are ideal for enhancing security in exterior doors – front and back doors. Deadbolts are available in single and double cylinder options. Others include doorknobs, levers, handle sets, keyless entry locks, and smart locks.

Interior doors are better with door levers or knobs that are easy to open and close. Handsets are ideal for entry and interior doors that need extra security too. For no-operation doors like closet doors, pantry doors, and hallways doors, you can opt for dummy door locks with no locking operation. Choose the right type of door lock for your specific application.

Consider Aesthetics

Once you’ve decided on the function and durability of the door locks you need, you can now consider aesthetics. Fortunately, all categories of locks have a broad range of designs, styles, and finishes to suit the decoration of your house. Aesthetics will regularly be a deciding factor but shouldn’t be a critical consideration. It is dependent on your décor needs.


You need to note that as the price increases, the more high-grade options and additional choices in styles and features you’ll have. From chrome to bronze and nickel finishes, you can easily find locks that match your contemporary, modern, rustic, transitional, or county home style. Choose a design and finish that will improve your home’s appeal.

Don’t Rely Solely On Locks

Good locks are an essential part of your home security, but only when they are part of a complete security system. A burglar will pick the weakest point to enter a home. If your door lock is good, but your door is weak, burglars will ignore your door lock and break down your door. It’s that simple. The lock’s construction should be superior to ensure reliable protection.

Combine other security measures like securing your windows, installing security cameras, and ensuring you have no vulnerable points of entry in your home. Follow these simple pointers when buying door locks for your home and work towards making it safer and secure for you and your family.