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YouTube and YouTube Vanced Is Like Cable Network TV But Better, Free, And Creative 


YouTube is a phenomenon that has dominated the world from the time it was created. It is the second biggest trafficked website in the world. More than 1.3 billion people use YouTube every day. More than 80% of people below 50 watch at least one video a month on YouTube.


YouTube is massive. So are all forms of online video content. More people are beginning to switch to YouTube as their primary form of video content entertainment than TV networks. But if you are left wondering why people are choosing YouTube over TV networks, then let us explain why.

While there are some flaws when it comes to the viewing experience of the YouTube app, namely advertisements and the inability to play HDR videos on every device, there is an easy solution to that problem.

By using YouTube Vanced, a modded YouTube application you can get rid of all the ads on YouTube. Whether these ads are found at the start of the video, the end of the video, the middle of the video, or even on the YouTube homepage; all of them will be gone.

Watching videos through YouTube Vanced is the best way to enjoy video content in today’s day and age.


One of the biggest attractions of YouTube is the fact that there is just such a variety of content available on the platform. You can find videos about anything and everything on YouTube Vanced. TV networks cannot match such a massive catalog of different sorts of videos.

And this variety of content is only growing bigger every minute. According to statistics, every minute 300 hours’ worth of content is being uploaded on YouTube. You are not likely to run out of content any time soon.


Unlike TV networks, YouTube Vanced doesn’t have any schedules that you have to adjust your viewing around. You can watch whatever you want at any time you want. You can also choose exactly the type of content that you want. You don’t need to settle for whatever is being played on the Network tv. You can search from millions of videos to find something that hits the spot for you.


YouTube creators have so much more freedom to make content. Creators have to take risks and innovate otherwise; they would be left behind. They don’t have to deal with TV regulations or channel policies, as long as they adhere to the YouTube standards, they are free to make any content they want. It might be a video of just playing with marbles, or it might be a travel vlog of Paris with a camera on the back of a cat.


YouTube just has a host of advantages over traditional TV. It has a lot more content. Its content is far more varied and has videos on every topic imaginable. It is far more convenient to watch on your schedule. It is also free, which significantly cheaper than network tv. YouTube is quickly surpassing network tv to become the premier choice of video entertainment for most people.