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4 Reasons for a Striking Letterhead + 4 Letterhead Examples



Whether your business is going paperless or not, a striking letterhead is a must. It’s the first thing that recipients see upon opening your letter so make it a point that yours leaves them a good impression about you. Read on to find out why you should maximize your creative juices on your own letterhead template.


Now, that perfectly designed letterhead is what’s challenging to find. And that’s why letterhead makers are here to help you out. But first thing’s first. Let’s learn what a letterhead is and why your startup needs to have one.


What is a letterhead?

Positioned at the top of a letter, a letterhead is one of the most important printed (and even digital) marketing collaterals that a business should have. It is usually composed of your business name, contact details, address, and logo. These details, designed with a creative background pattern with a corporate and professional touch, serve as your letter heading.

A letterhead is deemed as important as your branding because of the impression it leaves on your potential clients.


Why should you use a letterhead?

With the aggressive competition in the world of business, entrepreneurs capitalize on everything that they can to catch the attention of potential investors and customers. In emails, for example, many settle for generic messaging templates. I kid you not when I say that a stunning letterhead can do wonders in grabbing attention from potential customers.


It projects a favorable first impression.

Business letters are used not only to communicate with stakeholders, but also to convey a good and lasting impression to the recipient. Hence, the importance of having a professional-looking letterhead. Business-looking letterhead = Favorable Impression. Favorable Impression = More Revenues and Investors.


It exudes professionalism.

A letterhead is comparable to your branding as a business. How so? Because like your corporate branding, it is used across all your collaterals and stationeries to further strengthen your value proposition. When working on your startup’s corporate branding and identity, never underestimate its capability to yield favorable results for your business. Keep in mind that the more professional your letterhead looks, the more investors and customers it would likely attract.


It implicitly promotes your brand.

Designing an effective company letterhead is regarded as crucial as it should be engaging enough to grab your customers’ attention towards the brand you are promoting, thus, leading to increased sales. A letterhead can be used as a marketing tool to promote your products and services to potential customers and even to existing ones.


It provides your prospective clients with your business’s correct contact information.

Providing your business’s contact number, email, and/or office address in your letterhead will give your prospective clients the means to communicate with you in case they have transactions to make with you. Include them in your company letterhead alongside your brand logo to further strengthen your marketing strategy.


Here are some letterhead examples.

Take note: you’re not just looking for one that looks generic. You’re looking for the striking letterhead perfect for your startup.

Take a look at these letterhead templates and draw inspiration from them to create your own.


College Letterhead

Nowadays, a lot of people are into minimalism when it comes to visual presentations. Less is more, as they say. However, you can never go wrong with a letterhead that artistically uses an elegant border. This is a modern way of highlighting the content of your letter and adding colors into your design. You can also use directional cues such as an arrow shape to direct the people you are communicating with to look at the area you want to highlight.

Here’s a template you can use.



Geometric Letterhead

A lot of us who kinda suck at Mathematics complained how completely useless geometry is  in the real world. Little did we know that our teachers were preparing us for this! You can always choose to stick with the conventional layouts but to spice up your official letterhead, you can opt to create an abstract design by drawing geometric shapes in the right colors.

Here’s a template you can use.



Creative Business Letterhead

Show your prospective clients and investors how professional, yet creative, your business truly is through the language of color. Colors have this ability to set the tone for how a reader will view a letter. If you want to evoke modernity, you may use the colors white or silver. You may also use red or any of its shades to radiate assertiveness or blue to show that your business is worthy of being trusted. Be progressive in choosing the perfect colors for your branding.

Here’s a template you can use.



Floral Letterhead

To look chic and modern, go for a letterhead using images to frame your business letters. It’s never a bad idea to use one so you’d end up with a unique design. With Venngage, you may also play with your image’s color, pattern, transparencies, and gradient, if you wish.

Here’s a template you can use.


If you’re having difficulty coming up with a striking letterhead for your startup, you’re in luck because there are online solutions that provide a wide range of templates for letterheads. There’s this online application that I personally use for my visual presentations. It’s called Venngage. Working with this excellent letterhead maker made life easier for me. You can explore it too and be assured that your business gets the remarkable and unforgettable letterhead that it deserves.