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5 Best Printing Methods to Print Boxes in The Most Affordable Rates

French fries boxes are the best containers that can be used for packaging, moving, stacking and storing French fries. They are also ideal for shipping products in large quantities.


Printing them with your company logo or name is one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand message to your past, current & potential customers. You can print boxes using a digital printer, offset press, or laser printer. Printing on expensive paper is not economical, so choose a less-expensive paper with good printability features that match the type of box you have selected for printing purposes.

You Must Consider These Points While Selecting A Printing Method:

1.) Your Budget:

The cost factor varies in each process. Offset printing is a more economical method, while digital printing is relatively costlier.

2.) The Number of Colors You Want to Use:

The number of colors reflects the amount you have to spend on ink and affects the quality of prints. While digital printers give high-resolution prints with high accuracy, offset presses offers full-color French fry containers printing.

3.) Quantity:

In general, larger quantity orders get good discounts from print service providers.

4.) Size and shape of the box:

Usually, large boxes are printed horizontally, while smaller ones have both options available. Then there are various shapes like cylindrical, triangular, square etc., so choose what suits your budget & product best.

5.) French Fry Box material:

You can print on both types of cardboard papers. Corrugated boxes are more economical, but they may not look as attractive as paper ones if you choose expensive paper for printing purposes.

Top-Notch Printing Methods

When we study the printing methods of today, we see that most of them revolve around digital and offset printing. However, this wasn’t the case some decades ago. Before these two were introduced, there was a time when different traditional methods were used to print French fries boxes.

Now that you know all about the printing methods let’s briefly understand some popular methods used for printing French fries boxes.

Letterpress Printing:

This is one of the oldest forms of printing used since the 1440s. This method involves using metal handheld type to make an impression on paper or other materials. It involves inking raised surfaces to print letterpress. Also, it is considered one of the best-known ways to print boxes. It is often used on high-quality French fry boxes.


This printing method is also among the oldest and was first developed in 1765. It involves using a heated surface for applying ink. Since the beginning, this has been in use for custom packaging boxes as you can print one or more colors at a time.

Silk Screen Printing:

Not many of us know that this type of printing dates back to the 1930s when Tajiri Yoshida developed it in Japan. In the silkscreen process, the image or text is printed from a stencil created with silk threads or other materials to make an impression on paper. The best part about silk screen printing is that you can print boxes with different colours quickly.

Digital Printing:

This type of printing came into existence in the 1980s. While silkscreen only has a fewer number of colours, digital printing enables you to print almost any color of your choice on French fries boxes. But what sets it apart from others is that you can get cost-effective results without compromising quality. As it is also less time consuming, custom packing boxes are becoming more popular with each passing day.

Offset Printing:

One of the most commonly used commercial printing processes is to produce many publications, from magazines to leaflets and product packaging. In offset press picture or any image is first transferred onto a rubber blanket. It is further transferred onto a metal plate inked evenly using a roller so that ink can be applied evenly on the surface. Paper is printed when it passes underneath the inked plate. The paper which comes out after printing is called a print. This process gives you high-resolution, accurate colors & consistency between prints.