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5 Unexpected Ways to Attract New Customers


Do you struggle with attracting new customers? If so, it may be because you’re not thinking about all the places you can reach and connect with them.


Every business owner wants new customers to fill their company’s seats and buy from them instead of the competition. While it may seem like you have to invest heavily in advertising or offer huge discounts to get your business noticed, there are other ways to attract new customers that are often overlooked by small businesses, especially those just starting out.

Suppose you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who feel like they have tried everything to get their business noticed and have not gotten any return on the time and money invested. In that case, it may be time to think outside the box and try something genuinely different. So, here are five unexpected ways to attract new customers without spending tons of money or doing what everyone else has already done.

1) Explain your product’s features through stories

When marketing your product, you might assume that writing about its features is all you need. After all, a product’s benefits make it stand out from competitors, right? Well, yes… and no.

Even if your product does everything its competitor does and more, simply telling customers what it can do will not attract them. So, in addition to telling people about your company or products’ features and benefits, tell them stories about why they should want it.

Present your features as though they were events in which real people engage. Tell how these features help people succeed at something they care about. For example, tell how it helps someone overcome an obstacle, achieve their goal, or live a better life. This approach is more effective than just listing off features because it shows customers how your product fits into their lives and why they should care.

And when you show instead of telling by using images and videos rather than text, you give yourself an edge over other companies competing for attention online.

2) Let customers hang out with you on social media

How often have you interacted with a brand on social media, only to be ignored or given an automated response? When customers feel like they’re being treated like numbers rather than people, it drives them away. But when they feel like they’re communicating with real people on social media, they feel more connected to a brand and are thus far more likely to buy from it.

Social media doesn’t have to be a chore; when your customers start enjoying themselves with you on social media, it becomes an invaluable tool for building long-term relationships. And since you want them to come back to you repeatedly, it makes sense that they should have fun doing so.

Allow customers into your life on social media by creating a welcoming space to interact and engage with you whenever they feel like it. This will help make social media more than just another broadcast channel. If people enjoy hanging out with you there, they’ll be more inclined to spend money and stay loyal over time.

Encourage fans of your brand on social media to post pictures or videos of themselves using your product or wearing your clothing, and then share these posts on your page. This is a great way to showcase what fans love about your brand and get more people interested in what you have to offer. Remember: if they like seeing other people using it, they’ll probably like seeing themselves using it too.

3) Connect with bloggers and influencers

If you’re launching a new business, you may find it challenging to attract customers at first. A common way companies gain attention is by reaching out to bloggers for product reviews and mentions.

If you have a good product that could be featured on a popular blogger’s site, an email or phone call can go a long way in getting your brand some attention. However, before contacting any bloggers, make sure your product meets their requirements and fits their audience. You can go on Nuwber or Leadar to get the contact details of any blogger or influencer you like.

Also, make sure that the contact information you provide them includes links back to your own website so people can learn more about you.

4) Have your own signature style

Your business is unique, so why should your logo or advertising be generic?

By setting yourself apart from other businesses, you can create memorable interactions with your customers. Try not to fall into boring standards for what constitutes a good logo. Instead, you want an eye-catching design that also says something about your company and its ideals.

For example, if you’re trying to impress investors, having simple lines and sharp angles might not be wise because it doesn’t say much about your personality or what makes you different from competitors. If you’re willing to go bolder with colors or themes, don’t be afraid of going over the top. Just ensure that it doesn’t clash with other branding efforts like ads and printed materials.

5) Share customer success stories/testimonials

When it comes to attracting new customers, nothing speaks louder than a happy existing customer. 95% of people in a Wyzowl survey say that reviews influence their buying decisions.

So it’s a great idea to share customer success stories on your website. Not only does it make your customers feel valued, but it can also help show other prospective clients how you can improve their lives too.

When your customers are willing to go on record saying how great you are, it puts you at an advantage over your competitors. Even if all of your competitors start doing the same thing tomorrow, these customers already believe in you and trust what you do, so there’s no reason not to come back still and buy from you.

Posting customer testimonials is a great way to draw in new customers without spending extra money on advertisements or other expensive marketing tactics.


It’s great that you have a loyal following and long-term clients. However, it can be challenging to grow your business without new customers—people who may be experiencing your business for the first time. Unfortunately, many companies overlook new customer acquisitions because they focus on bringing in more revenue from their current customers.

If you’re not actively looking for new customers, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Finding and courting new customers requires a different mindset than acquiring repeat business, but it’s essential for any successful business strategy. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your core competencies or take on debt to attract new customers.

The best way to attract new customers to your business is to create the most valuable experience possible. That includes offering the best products and services, as well as providing excellent customer service. However, you can also attract new customers by looking at your business from a different perspective, exploring what your competitors are doing, and developing creative ways to stand out.