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Best Online Proofing Software for The Packaging Process

Label and artwork projects cut across many functions and industries like FMCG, pharmaceutical, etc. that make the entire approval process chaotic. Feedback may be returned via multiple channels like emails, calls, etc., which can reduce the pace and lead to errors.


When it comes to the processes of large-scale packaging and labeling projects, creative teams are still relying on traditional methods like email, hard copy printouts, and multiple different designs to circulate work for review and approval.

A shift to label and artwork management software that offers online collaborative proofing can dramatically change the contribution of everyone involved in the approval process. It gives you the ability to share large digital asset files online in any format.

With online collaborative proofing, you can streamline the approval process, capture all feed, and again access version histories. Packaging teams can move forward without additional meetings and conference calls.

Reasons why you need online proofing for your packaging process.

1. Avoid inbox traffic

Email is a reliable source of quick communication. It, therefore, is often used for sharing label and artwork content and feedback. However, emails become more of a hindrance when it comes to the packaging process. Large files cannot be downloaded easily, and email threads can become cumbersome. With online proofing, the review and approval conversations happen outside of the email inbox. All the project collaborators can see the latest artwork version, annotate it, have instant access to related briefing documents, etc.

2. Eliminate multiple file sharing solutions

Sharing solutions like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc., present a unique set of challenges as they do not allow users to share feedback effectively. With effective online proofing, users can quickly proof files online with the help of a tool without the risk of deleting files. Online proofing software is designed to capture feedback from multiple stakeholders and in multiple languages.

3. Gain clarity on feedback

When communicating feedback, the approver needs to describe in detail rather than show the revisions. This leads to a possibility of misinterpretations if not done correctly. An online proofing tool allows approvers to show their revisions by marking up content as if it were an actual hard copy. It also provides comparison revision tools so the versions can be compared side by side. This makes it easy for all collaborators to ensure that the correct changes have been implemented.

4. Encourage accountability

To create efficient teams that can work effectively within deadlines, accountability is highly essential. Online proofing gives you this sense of accountability. Documents are available for each task that provides transparency and traceability, which support a cause analysis in the event of a delay. It helps in identifying bottlenecks and highlights where you are in the packaging approval process at all times.

5. Reduce compliance risks

In an online proofing software, feedback is stored in one place, which reduces the possibility of missed changes which results in decreased risk of compliance issues. You can involve any collaborator if things are not on the right track and customize an approval system that suits you best.

Features to look for in an online proofing software.

1. Files of every type

As many organizations deal with digital assets in different formats like images, GIFs, HTML, PDF, etc., the online proofing software you choose should provide you with the capability to review and approve for each of these file types. Even though each of these file types comes with its complexities, the online proofing software should be equipped to defeat the complications.

2. Customizable Notifications

While an online proofing software comes equipped with the ability to send default email alerts, customizing email templates with your branding and your desired field information makes that cloud solution tailored to your needs.

3. Shared workspace

The shared workspace feature in an online proofing software should enable you to group items and share them with the team, thereby eliminating email chaos. The benefit is that any team member can upload files or review them for collaboration.

4. Versioning and comparison

The online proofing software should allow you to upload and maintain multiple versions of a file with the same review cycle. The comments left on all the versions of the files should be consolidated in one place, along with the revision history. This, in turn, provides ease and productivity in content and packaging creation.

5. Unlimited users

While selecting any online proofing tool, you should consider the number of stakeholders that may be involved in any project. Depending on the size and complexity associated with a packaging project, the number may vary greatly. If your online proofing tool has a very rigid limit on the number of reviewers per project or if you are charged on a per-user basis, the project management cost could skyrocket.

Best Online Proofing Software For Packaging Process

A cloud-based team collaboration platform, Artwork Flow helps to review and approve creative projects and make processes simpler and faster. Its easy-to-use interface enables project managers to customize workflows, assign tasks, and checklists, proof artwork files and share feedback through annotations.

Artwork Flow provides insights into project progress and team productivity in your packaging process.

How does Artwork Flow work?

1. Customizable workflow

Artwork Flow empowers you to create your customized workflow, add checklists and set the sequence of your tasks across different departments and collaborators. This helps the teams involved to understand their priorities and contribute to the project.

2. Project status tracking

As your packaging and labeling process involves multiple teams and artworks, Artwork Flow makes project tracking easy. It helps you identify bottlenecks, foresee hurdles, and provide realistic solutions to meet deadlines.

3. Digital artwork proofing

Artwork Flow helps you measure design elements, extract fonts, and the colors used in your artwork. Which further helps your team reduce risks and errors.

4. Collaboration between stakeholders

There are many teams involved in your packaging and artwork process. Artwork Flow provides a collaborative environment that makes the review process seamless. It enables your internal as well as external teams to comment, annotate and see where the approval is pending.

5. Version tracking and comparison

Version tracking gives you access to the revision history of a design file. It brings clarity to design integration. It also speeds up the artwork approval process and rolls out the brand packaging faster.

6. Digital asset management

The packaging asset management library enables users to organize the artwork files with cloud storage. Artwork Flow allows for easy access to files by reducing request and receive time. It seamlessly helps designers collaborate and receive feedback on artworks in a centralized space.

Bonus: Answering the most common Artwork Flow FAQs

Does Artwork Flow offer guides or tutorials and customer support?

Yes! The Artwork Flow team supplies detailed guides and tutorials for seamless onboarding. You can even check out this detailed video to see how Artwork Flow increases your team’s productivity.

What is Artwork Flow generally used for?

Artwork Flow is an online collaboration for artwork management, approval, and review processes to launch packaging and labeling artworks faster.

Who are the main user groups of Artwork Flow?

The collaboration platform can help design managers, brand managers, marketing managers, packaging managers, quality, and compliance managers customize workflows and increase their market time.

How much does Artwork Flow cost?

Artwork Flow offers a pre-pricing module wherein you can get custom quotations as per your requirement. You can try the free plan with 3 users free. If you want your entire team to try the platform, you can reach out to them to start a 14-day trial. To know more, visit the Artwork Flow pricing page.

Wrapping it up!

Online proofing solutions like Artwork Flow can fasten the approval process by eliminating the obstacles that come with overwhelming email exchanges. With Artwork Flow, you can plan, manage, and proof packaging artwork for brands right from design and ideation to approval.

To learn more about how Artwork Flow can improve your review and approval process, book a demo with Artwork Flow today!