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How to Find the Right Digital Billboard for Your Business Needs


Portable digital billboard technology has changed. It’s easier, more affordable, and more advanced than it’s ever been, and the range of businesses that can generate a better ROI with digital displays is only increasing.


Your business has a lot to gain by using digital signage for the right campaign, launch, or event. Find out how to make the best use of digital signage for your goals.

Experiential Marketing & Brand Activations

Experiential marketing is a great way for businesses to introduce themselves, whether they’re an established brand launching a new product or a small business generating brand awareness in a local market. Experiential marketing cuts through the indifference today’s audiences show towards in-home advertising and reaches them in the real world.

Today, portable digital billboards provide touch and gesture-control functionality. This opens the door to creating unique, interactive experiences that can enhance or become the core of your event.

Interactive digital signage for rent is not only affordable but incredibly easy to install. New digital billboards can be moved by forklift and, unlike older models, don’t need expensive structures in place or engineer inspections.

Concerts, Festivals & Venues

Major event organizers and event sponsors can get a great ROI from digital signage deployed at concerts, festivals, and outdoor venues, including street closures and events outside of sports stadiums. At crowded, high-attendance, high-energy events like these, any messaging you want to deliver is going to have to stand out. It needs to be able to generate its own attention. Digital billboards are dynamic, high-quality, and even interactive.

Venue managers may turn to digital signage to compete with festivals for sponsorships. There are a number of smart sponsorship packages venues can use to distinguish themselves from the competition, including packages focused on hyperlocal businesses and opportunities for brand activations, similar to what a festival could provide.

Digital billboards are ideal for sponsorship fulfilments as well. They stand out in a busy environment, and they’ll make sure your sponsors feel like they’re getting a worthwhile return.

Urban Streets & Transit Hubs

Digital billboards for the public realm can serve multiple purposes. Their first function in places like transit hubs is providing wayfinding information. People rely on robust signage to find their way around airports, train stations, metros, and other busy transportation hubs. Portable digital signage can be deployed any time renovation work requires temporary route changes or the use of different platforms.

Portable digital signage can also be used to monetize an environment. From street advertising to pop-up activations in busy urban corridors, portable digital billboards provide a combination of flexibility and superior image quality.

The right digital signage has a number of qualities that benefit a range of industries and businesses:

  • It’s easy to install without permits or inspections
  • You can choose between indoor and outdoor environments
  • Outdoor signage is made for high winds, rain, winter, etc.
  • Outdoor signage still offers interactivity

Make digital signage work for you. Improve your ROI for marketing campaigns and launches by leveraging new technology to your benefit.