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How To Set Up Trade Show Displays Easily?


Each trade show is unique, with its combination of protocols and standards. Smaller locations may seamlessly integrate your display, while larger trade shows may well have event employees who will put it together for you.


You’ll want to double-check with the facility managers to see which option is best for you. The team may be fatigued, untidy, and agitated at the exhibition time if the trade show booth setup demands a substantial amount of work and irritation.

If you have a trade show lined up where you’ll need to set it up to your exhibit, here are some pointers to make the process go smoothly:

Set Up Booth Meetings In Advance Of The Trade Show

You may optimize the utility you get out of trade shows by arranging meetings with leads, clients, or even other suppliers even before the show actually starts. Your business owners can do this by reaching out to individuals they think will add value to your company.

Once they’ve made communication with them, they’ll be able to schedule visits from these individuals to your booth. You’ll need the sales staff to get a common calendar where they can access once you start getting pledges from leads about going to your booth.

You generally would not want to rebook appointments with significant managers, so having a calendar that everyone on staff can see and use to plan high-powered attendance is a smart option. You can also opt to rent an affordable trade show booth and displays in Ontario.

Check for the available booth configurations

From Roughly in line to Island, each form of trade show booth arrangement has an escalating price tag. One of the most frequent booth configurations is inline, while the most expensive is an island.

Check the pre-show booth allocation data to ensure that you are ready for the arrangement to which your booth has indeed been allocated. Every setup necessitates a unique strategy and architecture.

  1. Booths including one side exposing an aisle are called inline booths.
  2. Booths with 2 sides opposite to the aisle are called corner booths.
  3. Booths with three sides addressing an aisle are known as peninsulas.
  4. Booths having all four sides facing an aisle are called islands.

Search For Options That Are Easy To Install

You or the exposition venue personnel want to install and dismantle your trade show display as quickly and efficiently as possible. Always use “simple to erect” finishes such as hooks, Adhesives, closures, and push-fit installation techniques. There are no tools required.

Either you’re utilizing a floor-standing standup panel or a suspended cloth display solution, it’s as easy as ‘attach and go.’ You can also use the most advanced assembly techniques to provide a rapid and effective setup, giving you plenty of time to unwind and relax for the major event!

Get Artistic in Smaller Areas

Several trade show displays are cramped, leaving little room to highlight all of the brand’s essential elements. Consider using a branded cover that can be converted from 6′ to 8′ in length. Put pop-up flyers next to each other to create a visually appealing backdrop. These are a few fast and cheap ways to cut back time while still providing a visually appealing display.