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Impact of Post Offices on Small Businesses

During the pandemic, small businesses were devastated by the restrictions and lockdowns to curb COVID-19 infections. Many small entrepreneurs were forced to shut down, and several individuals lost their jobs.


But as of late, some businesses seem to thrive during the height of the pandemic, including eCommerce and professional services like graphic design and illustration. Thanks to delivery companies and postal services.

The testimonies of these businesses highlighted how the post office seemingly saved them. But how relevant is the post office to small businesses like graphic and design shops? How can your business benefit from the post office, and how vital is a post office to any business, not just in the creative industry?

This article explores the impact of post offices on small design and illustration businesses. The write-up also discusses these post offices’ role in motivating entrepreneurs in the creative industry to expand even during economic crises.

If you want to search for post office addresses on the internet, you can navigate here and check an easy-to-use database to browse through more than 30,000 post offices in the United States.

How Creative Entrepreneurs Can Thrive Through the Postal Service

The pandemic brought the world to a halt. Billions of people got thrust suddenly into a society plagued with restrictions, limitations, lockdowns, and the threat of infection.

Businesses close due to the lack of customers and employees locked in their homes because of stringent anti-pandemic policies.

But, despite this severe setback in the country’s economic growth, some businesses flourished better under these circumstances. These businesses are eCommerce and professional services, including creative and graphic design.

As you dig deeper into the reason for their successes, you will see that these businesses were kept afloat through their effective use of delivery service companies and post offices in the country.

These businesses have experienced a renewed impetus to expand. They are doing significantly well as the world slowly eases out of the pandemic.

The Relevance of Postal Service to Small Design Shops

There are many reasons small businesses prefer the postal service over other delivery methods in the United States. Here are some of them:

  • Cheaper by a lot: Because the government funds the postal service and all post offices don’t profit from their deliveries, it has maintained a relatively cheaper price list compared to other delivery companies in the country.

So, during the pandemic, when shipping and deliveries were affected, the postal service became the lifeblood of businesses teetering towards closure.

  • Improve your creative services: When you have a trustworthy delivery service, you can focus more on improving your creative service to clients.

You don’t have to spend too much of your time ensuring the safety of your shipments, as the postal service has a reputation for speedy and secure deliveries nationwide.

  • Shares accountability with your clients: You take all the risk and are fully accountable if you do your deliveries. Using a postal service, you share your accountability with post offices whenever a shipment is delivered to your clients.

Also, the postal service has its way of ensuring packages are delivered safely to recipients. So, take advantage of its delivery methods to reduce your shipping accountability.

  • It’s convenient for your business: You may not have the necessary people and equipment to deliver your shipments. Even if you have, it’ll cost you money and time and add more things to worry about, which may stunt your creativity.

So, allow the postal service to take that load off your shoulder and go on to focus more on how to improve your company.

  • Experts handle packages: You might not be the best person to deliver your shipments as you don’t have the experience and expertise. The postal service has been functioning for decades and has created a system tested over time.

The postal service has expertise in delivering packages of every kind, so why not leave the shipping to the experts?

  • Improve your company’s image: Having a secure way of delivery is one of the concerns of individuals ordering items or services online. People will trust you more if your business uses a trustworthy delivery service like the postal service. The integrity built by the postal service is enough to improve your company’s image to people.

There are many stories of small businesses hovering on deciding to close their shops due to strains caused by the pandemic that was saved through delivery services. Today, many companies that provide services like graphics and design are turning out fine and expanding.

So, suppose you’re among the hundreds of thousands of small businesses offering services to clients. Remember that you have friends in the delivery industry– those people from the postal service who always got your back.