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Is a Mass Flow Controller Useful for the Heavy Industry?


This is an electronic device that is used to measure and to control the flow rate of the fluid. It is designed to control a specific type of liquid or gas according to a user-defined particular range of flow rate. A flow controller is consists of several components such as:

  • A flow sensor.
  • Inlet port.
  • Outlet port.
  • A valve and a closed loop control system.

Basically it compares the user set value with the flow value and adjusts the position of the valve to achieve the desired flow rate. Read further to get more information about it.

In Heavy industry:

Below we have listed some uses of flow controls to indicate their usefulness:


Mass flow controllers are widely used for different critical applications such as thin film deposition, PCB treatment, chemical vapor deposition, gas and spray coating in the semiconductor industry. Most of the semiconductor processes require a low flow rate of the fluid that can be obtained with the help of a flow control. For instance in precision coating application, liquid and gas flow rate is adjusted to get the required thickness of coating.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Electronic flow controls are very useful in the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to measure and control various gases and liquids for the safety of the patients. For example, in the medical field, they are used in the manufacturing of medicines. In medicines, you have to put a controlled amount of each ingredient in the tablets or syrups so that all the medicine has the same impact on the patients. The overdose of an ingredient will destroy the composition of the tablets and syrups. Resultantly, the patient will suffer and it will also affect the reputation of the company.


This is one of the most prominent areas for the use of mass flow controllers. In this type of industry they are used for various applications such as chemical vapor deposition, insulation panel, gas sampling, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry etc. All of these applications require a low flow rate and a strong control. It can be achieved with the help of electronic pressure controllers. You must choose a flow control with great care when you have to use it in the chemical industry.

Oil and Gas:

The oil and gas industry involves the production, distribution, treatment and processing of gases, hydrocarbon fluids, and contamination etc. That’s why there is a huge use of digital pressure controllers to control the flow rate and to provide the accurate fluid as per the need of the system. For instance, in our daily life we go to the fuel pumps to fill up the tank of our vehicle, the operator asks for the amount and commands the machine how much fuel it has to provide to the user. Now the fuel machine sends a signal to the liquid mass flow controller that is connected with the fuel tank, controls the flow rate and provides the accurate quantity of the fuel.

Food and Beverages:

In this type of heavy industry the continuous monitoring and controlling of the following ingredients is necessary. The precise amount of ingredients is compulsorily to make a food item or good quality beverages. Quality, productivity, and accuracy are the parameters that are necessary to maintain. These parameters can be fulfilled with the help of a proportional flow control device. Because it provides you a precise measurement of the mass flowing through the system and lets you have a strong control over the flow rate. That’s why they are commonly used in the food and beverages industry.

Final Words:

Mass flow controllers are very useful in the heavy industry to get the precise output from the heavy machinery. With the help of it, you can have a great control over the productivity and the quality of the end product.