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Logos – Or How To Visually Present Your Product


Most people better perceive information presented in a visual way, so a logo is an important component of any brand or company. It plays a big role in attracting customers and shaping the overall experience of the company. Therefore, it is so important to create a bright, memorable and attractive logo that will simultaneously show the services or goods provided and attract people. In this article, we will look at the example of two successful and world-famous companies, how to properly present yourself and win over yourself.


Google logo

Google as a company has long and firmly taken one of the leading positions in the world market and justifies its title of the most popular, convenient and best search engine in the world. Its logo is known to every person who has used the Internet at least once. Simple and easy to remember is the main reason for its success. It’s not just Google that has adopted this strategy, many internationally renowned brands are resorting to the same tactic. You can look at the logos of other world famous companies here.

Six multi-colored letters (blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red), written in the Latin alphabet in the Product Sans font – that’s all that is the logo and trademark of the world giant. It is easily stored in memory and perfectly conveys the essence of the product – an easy and understandable search engine in its use. Nothing fancy, just a laconic presentation of the product. The meaning that it carries in itself gives the layman the shortest and most detailed description of the brand without unnecessary words and images.

BMW logo

The BMW logo, in contrast to the Google logo, is much more complex and carries much more meaning than the usual representation of the company. It is often the subject of heated debate due to its irregular shape, reminiscent of a rotating propeller. In fact, this misconception goes far back in history, in the 20th century, when one of the advertising campaigns of 1929 depicted the then airplanes with impressive propellers (made in BMW factories), which during the Great Depression were supposed to create an image for a young company that has just entered the market and show that it is ready for much more. than just the production of conventional, albeit branded, cars. Already closer to the middle of the last century, in 1942, the company itself decided to associate its image and logo with a rotating propeller, for which the newspaper Flugmotoren-Nachrichten was connected, in which the once-incipient myth was already officially enshrined.

Ultimately, it turns out that a myth was put in the formation of such a world giant as BMW, which was later officially recognized as true. But in fact, the company itself made almost no effort to convince people. The fact is that it is impossible to say unequivocally to what extent the version with a rotating propeller is correct or not. The company perpetuated the rumors, but no official statement about their veracity was made, just like a denial.

But in any case, the association of ordinary people with the BMW logo was entrenched many decades ago, so it will not be possible to completely eradicate this delusion, which may not be a delusion at all. Such interesting and seemingly confusing stories are typical for other famous car logos. The logo itself is a black circle, inside which there is a smaller circle, divided into four equal parts of two colors – white and blue. The brand name itself is written on the top of the black circle in large white letters.