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Purchasing A Rental Property And Listing It On Airbnb

Are you getting ready to enter a short-term property rental business? Are you unsure of where to actually purchase a rental property? Once you have your property purchased you’ll need to There are plenty of things to consider before you publish an advertisement and invite visitors. A crucial area to take into account is the design of your renting property. The secret lies in combining aesthetics and functionality. Take a look at these expert vacation rental interior design tips to help you during the process!



Purchasing a Property

Purchasing a rental property with the intention of converting it to an Airbnb isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There area few things as well as questions you should ask yourself below. The biggest factor when it comes to purchasing a rental property is the location. Purchasing a rental property in a location that doesn’t have a lot of tourists may set you up for failure. You’ll want your rental to be located in an area that is highly trafficked that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of hotels near by. Once you have a property purchased the next step will be to design it in an appealing manner that will attract guests.

Questions to ask yourself include the following:
1. Are you cut out to be a landlord for an Airbnb rental?
2. Do you have a down payment of at least 20% as commercial rentals typically require a fairly substantial down payment?
3. Do you have a financial cushion just in case something goes wrong?


Pick a Style and Stick to It

The first thing you need to decide is the desired style for your vacation home. Two basic styles are modern and contemporary. When choosing them, pay attention to the type of guests interested in your accommodation.

A modern vacation rental design might be more appealing to Millennials and Generation Z. On the other hand, a contemporary style is a fine choice if you aim at older adults as your primary target group.

The choice for the vacation rental interior design ultimately comes down to the owner’s preference. However, once you pick a style, make sure to stick to it. Mixing multiple styles and approaches usually doesn’t end up well.

Browse the Internet and Magazines for Inspiration

Hiring an interior designer is expensive. If you are not willing to spend the extra money on a professional designer, use expert tips that are available online. You can find numerous websites where professionals share their designs and tell you how to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your space. It is also possible to check out eye-catching designs created by ambitious amateurs and find ideas for your accommodation. Reading magazines dedicated to interior design can also assist in learning how to equip your property.

The internet is filled with useful guides and can help you once you are ready to rent, too. Make sure to learn about vacation rental marketing and how to attract visitors to rent the property.

Prepare the Plans on Laptop… or Paper

Every vacation rental owner dreams of how they want their accommodation to look like after finishing the designing process. You might think that your ideas are perfect, but be sure to analyze them carefully.

If you are comfortable with using design software, you can create a 3D view of your vacation rental interior design. It will help you to see the entire accommodation better. Once you take a look at the planned design, you might discover potential functional improvements. Perhaps, you might realize that swapping two items would look even better.

Even if you don’t have the tech knowledge to use a laptop, you can always use a piece of paper or create a mood board. Take advantage of your drawing skills to create a simple sketch or arrange product shots, on-site photography, fabric and texture samples to get a better idea of the entire design.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

They say you should always start with floors and walls, and then proceed with adding objects to your property. Rental owners often remain focused only on beds, sofas, cabinets, and other large items. Many of them forget that it is the small things that can improve comfort and impress visitors.

The advantage of small accessories is that they are usually not expensive. Adding a vase with flowers will improve the aesthetics of any living room. Placing hangers in the closet will ensure guests don’t need to iron their clothes, and extra pillows on the sofa are always a nice touch. Try not to take things too far because some amenities might not be as important as you think.

Remember The Importance of Comfortable and Durable Furnishings

Investing in durable furniture is always a smart move. It might increase the initial investment, but you can rest assured that high-quality items will last for years. Durable items are more resistant to wear and tear, which will make them look as good as new for longer. Holes and cracks in furnishings are not appealing, and you should look to avoid them.

The furnishings also need to provide optimal comfort to visitors. Even the best vacation rental marketing won’t help if guests don’t feel comfortable once they arrive at the property.

Get Inspired by Local Culture

Is there anything specific about your city or country? For example, France is famous for romance, fashion, gourmet food, and wine. How about using those as inspiration and implementing local culture in the design?

It is an excellent way to make your vacation rental interior design stand out from the competition. People will appreciate that they can feel the local spirit even when indoors.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Stocking up everything your guests might possibly need while their stay can lead to cluttering the space. When designing your rental interior, it is crucial to provide enough space for guests to walk around the room freely so they can access all things easily.

Make sure to be careful when selecting supplies for your rental property. While it is important that the guests have essentials and some extras available, leaving them room to move around is also one of the primary considerations.


Designing a vacation home is not an easy task. You need to consider both the aesthetic appeal of the interior and its functionality. We hope that our vacation rental interior design tips will help you to get your property ready for guests. Ultimately, try not to give up on your preferred style, but always remember that your interior design should grab the attention and meet the expectations of your target guests!