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Review of Paysafecard: All You Need To Know About This Payment System


Buying on the Web means, in most cases, having a prepaid card or a credit card. Is there an alternative? Well yes! It is called Paysafecard.


It is one of the world leaders in online prepaid payment. With Paysafecard, paying online has always been faster and easier: remember the long series of credit card digits and check codes. From now on, your online purchases will only require a simple PIN!

What are Paysafecard vouchers?

To pay with Paysafecard, you use special vouchers. Where to find them?

They can be found at any enabled point of sale. And they are not few: over 650,000 are scattered all over the globe!

Paysafecard vouchers have different economic values. You can choose from 10, 25, 50 or 100 euros. Each voucher is paired with a 16-digit pin code, which you will use for your online payments.

How to find an enabled shop nearby? Very simple! Download the “My Paysafecard” app (available for Android and iOS) to your smartphone. Through the location system, it will point you to the nearest store.

How to pay with Paysafecard

To make online purchases on enabled platforms, you will only need to indicate the desired payment method and enter the 16 digits of the PIN in your possession.

If the amount spent does not cover the total value of the voucher, the remaining credit can be spent later by reusing the same code. Otherwise, if the voucher amount is insufficient, you can enter a new PIN or the one belonging to an old voucher that has yet to be fully consumed.

There is also an alternative solution to make purchases without entering the tedious 16 digits that make up the PIN. Which one?

Creating a Paysafecard account is achievable by registering on the official website or through the app.

In addition to allowing you Paysafecard credit checking, the latter will grant you the ability to load the number of your purchased vouchers into your account.

With the account available, payments will be even more accessible and faster: the transaction will be made by entering only the user code and password chosen during registration.

Paysafecard is a highly secure payment system. There are no risks of theft of bank data or credit card numbers.

Also, through your account, you can top up digital wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill. So again, the process will be straightforward. Also, through the app, which is very intuitive and easy to use, you can use the appropriate item to transfer part of the credit to one of the two famous digital wallets.

The portals that allow purchases with this particular payment system are numerous and are accepted in as many as 45 countries worldwide!

I am referring to entertainment sites, sports betting, real money casinos, and even platforms where you can meet your soul mate!

Again, you can find out what Paysafecard’s online partners are directly from the official website.

Taking online casino platforms as an example, if they allow you to play using Paysafecard or Neteller, you can be more than sure of their security, as the banking systems will always protect your money. They also have lower fees and many other benefits to take advantage of the moment you decide to try playing any gambling game on the most recommended casino platforms. These sites have details of the different real money casinos, including their payment options, games, security, and legal information.

What about Amazon? Jeff Bezos’ very famous e-commerce portal is unfortunately not enabled for Paysafecard payments.

In any case, Amazon allows you to convert your vouchers directly into Amazon vouchers.

Paysafecard: how to withdraw money

Can you request a cash refund of your voucher? Certainly!

On the Paysafecard website, there is a “refund” section. By filling out the online forms and entering the set of digits inherent in your Pin, you can get a refund of the cash amount still on the voucher.

The refund is subject to a rather onerous fee: a whopping 7.50 euros! Let’s say your voucher is 50 euros: you will be retained 15 % of the total value!

Another option for withdrawing money from your Paysafecard account is to use the MasterCard paired with it. Again, as noted in the previous paragraph, a not-so-cheap 3% fee will be charged on the withdrawal.