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The Role Of Engagement In Corporate Social Media Management


Companies entering the world of social media for the first time are generally frightened by the amount of work involved in managing them on a daily basis, creating content, drawing up different editorial plans for each platform and even managing comments, private messages and all interactions with the network audience.


For a person unfamiliar with the use of these new media, the workload can seem prohibitive. If we then add to all this the pressing need to regularly monitor the progress of the work, with precise performance gauges, it is very easy to understand why many brands decide to give up, or at least to manage these pages in a not too accurate manner, almost unwillingly, as if they represented a sort of inevitable nuisance to be tolerated, and which cannot be done without.

For these reasons, we still notice today that certain corporate pages on social media are neglected, poor in content and interaction, and generally offer a truly desolate spectacle. What might a potential customer think if he saw that a brand’s Facebook or Instagram page had not been updated in weeks?

On many occasions, consumers’ purchasing choices are largely influenced by what they see on social media, particularly within portals such as Pinterest, where the (predominantly female) public mainly goes to be inspired, or to clearly identify their next purchases.

Optimizing time

In any case, business managers and executives have nothing to worry about. Social media management will take some time, that’s for sure, but the results in terms of reputation and company performance will be obvious.

Many companies have not yet taken this indispensable mental leap, but we are now at a stage in history where the social media department in a company has undoubtedly taken on a role and specific weight perfectly equal to those of other departments, such as accounting, quality control, sales or customer service, becoming to all intents and purposes one of the main players in everyday company life.

It is not only related to some purely practical aspects, such as the effectiveness of a given promotion on the company’s overall sales, but also to some very delicate issues related to brand image and reputation, which could play a decisive role in the company’s life in the short and medium term. One of the aspects that scares managers the most when it comes to social media is that of content creation.

The idea of dedicating valuable company time to the creation of seemingly frivolous and entertaining content for the general social media audience seems to perplex a large number of people, inevitably leading them to believe that all social media activities are a substantial waste of time.

The division of labor

All these people will surely be surprised when some consultant or communication expert tells them that on social media, on closer inspection, original content should only account for a very small part of corporate publications, about 10%, and that the bulk of activities should be aimed at sharing and creating engagement, through constant interaction with already existing content (published by others) to which is added the company’s opinion, the brand’s point of view, which can take the form of a quote (as can happen on Twitter) or a comment to an article or post that has appeared on another user’s wall, perhaps on LinkedIn or Tumblr.

Most of the time should therefore be devoted to creating engagement within one’s own social media channels, while a small part (even less than 5%) should be reserved for product content. In fact, social media were created to generate added value, useful and interesting information for your target audience, and not as a mere advertising window.

Those who have been able to maintain a very high rate of engagement with their audience, even in the delicate transition from the physical to the digital world, is certainly the online gambling sector, which continues to offer its users electrifying and extremely fulfilling gaming experiences.

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One should never be impressed by innovations, especially online. For in the folds of the web lies the bright spark that will light up the growth paths of every company, and which has already changed the fortunes of countless brands forever.