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Ways to Automate Processes Across an Enterprise

Business process automation is the process of using technology to automate business processes. In a world that is increasingly becoming digital, it is essential to do away with manual processes and replace them with automation for efficiency and longevity.


As a business grows and expands, its processes often become complicated, many lower-level repetitive duties start to emerge. The only way a company or organization can avoid such issues is to automate its processes by directing its focus on high-level tasks rather than time-consuming and menial ones.

What is business process automation?

Also known as business automation, business process automation (BPA) is the use of digital technology to automate manuals and time-consuming tasks. In other words, it is a system that saves your team from the burden of undertaking menial and repetitive tasks and allows them to work on more meaningful work.

An automation business process can differ in terms of size and nature. For example, you can decide to automate together or separately workflow, sales, marketing, human resources, customer service among others. Automation is generally an ongoing process that can be tweaked at any time to align with your business needs.

Type of automation

There are basically four types of automation that get complex as the process continues. Below are the four common types:

Basic automation

Basic automation centers can be termed as the simple jobs in your company – offering a central place where all related information is stored. A good example is the use of a single and centralized messaging app for a group for the purposes of transparency rather than using different email accounts to hide information.

Process automation

This is where your business processes are documented and managed for transparency and task consistency. It is more advanced compared to basic automation.

Integration automation

It is a process that makes it easy for machines to oversee how employees carry out their tasks and then repeat those actions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) automation

This is where AI technology is added to the decision-making process.

Benefits of business automation

There are a lot of benefits of automating your processes This include:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Employee enhancement and satisfaction
  • Easy management and control
  • Increased productivity levels

Ways to automate your business process

Work with your IT team to implement a tailor-made solution

You automating business processes by linking tasks and users through push-notifications, if-then logic, and other techniques

Define your businesses process workflows

Select your trusted employees and map out a business process using either MS Word or MS excel.

Review your processes and differentiate repeatable jobs

This will help you to do away with role duplication and create more time for important tasks

Integrate your business systems with the relevant knowledge base

This form of integration will help your technicians get the right information as well as facilitate employees from other departments

What is RPA? PPA stands for robotic process automation. It goes beyond automating your processes and introduces the use of artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, bots, and machine learning. In other words, it is a higher level of business process automation.

In general, business process automation aims at making the operations of a business faster and more efficient.